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Give the Gift of Financial Literacy With These Three Products

Give the Gift of Financial Literacy With These Three Products
In the twinkling glow of the holiday season, give a gift that lasts a lifetime: financial literacy for your students and young learners. Create a foundation of knowledge that will shine bright for years to come with three magical products designed to make learning about money and finances a fun and easily approachable topic. From books that make great stocking stuffers for your students to classroom resources that can aid your favorite teacher in his or her lessons, we've got everything needed to instill a strong financial foundation for every little learner. 

Cat and Dog Financial Literacy for Kids 6-Book Pack

Made with Graders 1-3 in mind, help set young learners on the path to becoming financially responsible with the stories in the Financial Literacy for Kids book series. With the help of loveable characters Cat and Dog, children will become familiar with financial literacy core competencies, such as earning, spending, saving, borrowing, and investing. Story topics will help children become more knowledgeable and improve their understanding of financial products, services, and concepts, empowering them to make informed choices.

Through Cat and Dog’s approaches to financial choices, and with a bit of humor thrown in, children will become more aware of the dos and don’ts for future financial success.

This 6-book series comes with the following titles that explore various vital aspects of money management that will help set your students up for future financial success: Cat and Dog Learn to Earn, Cat and Dog Learn about Needs and Wants, Cat and Dog Start a Business, Cat and Dog Learn to Budget, Cat and Dog at the Bank, and Cat and Dog Plan for the Future.

Financial Literacy for Kids Bulletin Board

Wow your teachers with this incredible classroom resource and help students understand financial fundamentals and more! The 33 pieces in this Financial Literacy Bulletin Board will teach students a variety of financial vocabulary and concepts including:

  • Methods of Payment
    • credit cards, debit cards, checks credit and interest
  • Needs vs. Wants
  • Spend or Save
  • Goods and Services
  • Income or Gift
  • Save, Spend, Donate, Invest
  • Ways to Earn Income
  • Job Skills
  • Financial Institutions
  • Tips for Financial Success
  • Charitable Giving

Teachers can use the content-rich pieces for instruction, for reference, and to support core learning standards! The pieces in this set are interactive teaching tools. They are great for use in small groups, where students can have hands-on manipulation of the pieces. They are also perfect for use under a document camera to teach/demonstrate concepts to the entire class. They also work well in a pocket chart or center. Perfect for grades 1-3, the bulletin board set also includes an instructional guide with bulletin board ideas, classroom activities, and a reproducible Gift Idea number.

Financial Fundamentals Essentials Pack

For older students and higher grade teachers, our Financial Fundamentals Essential Pack is a great way to introduce and reinforce financial literacy in the classroom. Three complementary décor products are available for each middle and upper grade topic. Each product comes in a different format and provides a different content focus. Together, all three products offer a complete package of instructional resources:

  • Poster Set
    • Features core content relevant to one topic.
  • Whiteboard Topper
    • Highlights one specific element of the content and focuses on academic vocabulary.
  • Giant Banner
    • Content encourages students to engage with the topic by making personal, real-world connections and supports critical thinking.

    The resources in this set feature vivid, engaging photography alongside easy-to-read text to capture students' attention, reinforce instruction, and foster learning. They help bring content to life and create a stimulating, standards-based classroom environment.

    Hang these resources as a reference for students during lessons. Use on a bulletin board, on a doorway, in a hallway, in the library, or anywhere students study. Perfect for elementary school GATE programs, plus middle school and high school classrooms. Also appropriate for some adult education classes.

    Take Financial Literacy Further With This Free Download

    Our Power Practice: Money Activity Bundle is the perfect complimentary activity to any of our financial literacy products above. Use it as a fun classroom activity, or include it in your little learner's stocking for an educational and fun winter break activity. 

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