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Valentine's Day - Celebrate Friendship In The Classroom

Valentine's Day - Celebrate Friendship In The Classroom

Valentine's Day: often a favorite amongst students, the love holiday is a fantastic time to help your students celebrate each other and the friendships they've built in your classroom. To make the holiday extra special, we've compiled the best decor and activity ideas to incorporate into your classroom. 

Read All About It!

Our Celebrating Valentine's Day is a simple, easy-to-read book for young readers that explains the holiday and demonstrates why students exchange valentines and sweets during the holiday. After reading the book, students can hand-craft their own valentines out of scrap border pieces, like our Colorful Hearts EZ Border shown above. Best of all, you can get every one of our Holiday Readers in one handy pack, so you've always got the right book for every occasion!

Warming Hearts On Cold Days

Valentine's Day may be a day full of pinks and reds and heart-shaped decor, but it's still a winter holiday! Mix and match hearts and winter decor with our Doodle Hearts Calendar Days, Doodle Hearts EZ Border, and our Seasonal Accents 10" Designer Cut-Outs to create a fun Valentine's Day look that doesn't take away from your seasonal decor. 

Put A Little Love Into Projects

Our Doodle Hearts EZ Border and Seasonal Accents 10" Designer Cut-Outs are also a great way to jazz up a year-round bulletin board display. Add a little color to those personal portfolio project boards, or a student work wall, and make sure your students know that love isn't just for celebrating others -- it's for celebrating ourselves, too!

Let It Snow! Let Love Grow!


Add to your winter AND holiday decor with a little arts and crafts project. Instead of cutting out regular snowflakes, have your students trace and cut out a heart, and then turn it into a snowflake by folding it and cutting away at the shape. Just be careful -- don't cut the outside edges or your heart will be unrecognizable!

Make Personalized Valentine's Card Holders

Another great way to use up scrap border pieces AND let your students practice their fine motor skills is by allowing them to show off their personality and creativity through the creation of their own Valentine's cards. Simply fold the pieces of scrap border in half, glue or staple, and layer on top. Add a label to the front of each for names and a little loop on top to help hang the valentines holder from anywhere. 

Enjoy This Freebie to Add to the Celebration

This Valentine's Day Love Activity is a great way to get your students thinking about the people in their lives and all the thngs those people do for them. They provide a great way to practice hand writing skills as well and make a great gift!

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