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1st Grade Collection

Resources for learning pods, homeschooling, classrooms, or any learning environment.

First grade is where the effort to develop students’ basic language and math skills begins in earnest. The ability to read well, being essential for success in all subjects, students learn the features of a sentence, learn to recognize sight words, and learn how to decode or sound out unfamiliar words. Students work at reading aloud at an appropriate speed and with expression. That fluency aids their ability to comprehend what they are reading.

In mathematics, students develop an understanding of addition and subtraction and strategies for solving these operations within 20. They also learn about place value and grouping numbers into tens and ones, the measurement of lengths, and the attributes of geometric shapes. 

Cheer Along with Dr. Jean, eBook

SKU: 5784-EB
**THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT!** 63 Cheers and Attention Grabbers to Motivate and Engage Children. Energize, motivate, and engage children with the fun cheers packed in this resource from Dr. Jean. Included are cheers to begin and end the day, transition between activities, grab students' attention, help students feel good, and celebrate special occasions. The songs and chants in this...

I See Shapes Ebook & Worksheets

SKU: 13702-EBW
Includes eBook and worksheets for this title For years, the best-selling Learn to Read series has provided teachers with engaging stories for their emergent readers. Each book in the series provides maximum support for the child by using repetitive, predictable story lines and illustrations or photos that match the text. Now, to supplement the Learn to Read books, Creative Teaching...

Dr. Jean’s Make & Take Books, eBook

SKU: 2499-EB
**THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT!**12 Reproducible Books to Reinforce Early Learning SkillsCreate a class set of all 12 books in the Sing Along & Read Along with Dr. Jean series with the reproducible pages in this resource. Students will enjoy personalizing their very own readers and then using them for repeated reading practice as they sing along or read along...

Highway Letters, Numbers, and Shapes, eBook

SKU: 2498-EB
**THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT!** Ready-to-Go Cards that Motivate Children to Practice Basic Writing Skills Highway Letters, Numbers, and Shapes will have students learning and they won’t even know it because they’ll be having so much fun! These full-color highway-themed activity cards model the correct steps for forming letters, numbers, and shapes. Whether they use toy cars or their fingers,...
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