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Top Ways to Incorporate Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Top Ways to Incorporate Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Do your kids feel like they don’t have what it takes to be successful learners? Do they often decide they can’t do something before they’ve even tried? Fortunately, this kind of negative thinking need not hold your kids back. Mindsets can be changed, and you can help make that happen.  

With the right encouragement, you can grow a positive mindset in your kids. They can learn that with hard work, persistence, and a willingness to learn from their mistakes, they can master whatever classroom concept that seems impossible and accomplish so much more. And we have the perfect resources to help you build up their confidence in themselves and their abilities.   

Products to Engage Social-Emotional Learning

As educators, we know that convincing your kids to think they can is often half the battle. And it’s for that reason that CTP created its collection of social-emotional learning products, which instill in your kids the intangible qualities that lead to success both during the school year and throughout their lives: 

  • Feeling good about themselves 
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships 
  • Self-regulating their emotions 
  • Feeling and expressing empathy 

Display our motivating Inspire U posters, charts, and bulletin board sets in your learning environment to give students daily reminders designed to help them: 

  • Build good character 
  • Set and pursue goals 
  • Maintain a positive attitude 
  • Learn from their mistakes 

Incorporating Literacy in Social-Emotional Lessons

In What’s Your Mindset? from our Health and Safety for Kids book series, readers discover how having a positive outlook can make all the difference. Our collection also includes a 12-book Character Education series, a fan book devoted to managing feelings, and much more.  

Mindsets are malleable and contagious, so why not infect your kids with positive attitude that will make the school year better for both yourself and them? Our resources can make it happen! 

Add to Your Social-Emotional Lesson Plans With This Free Activity

Encourage students to practice what they've learned about positive mindsets by writing out some things they are grateful for and appreciate about themselves and others. Use our Mindset Frame as a decorative template for this gratitude and writing practice and then display your students' work! Get the free download here

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