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Ten Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the Classroom

Ten Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the Classroom

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and there are as many ways to celebrate as there are colors in a rainbow! We've compiled ten of those ways you can turn your classroom into a magically fun space for the holiday below. Read on to learn more!

1. Seasonal Decor

A staple for every classroom is our seasonal decor! Within our various seasonal decor options you'll find cut-outs, bulletin board accessories, and borders to help you transition your year-round decor into a fun themed space for every season. Check out a couple options that are great for St. Patrick's Day and March specifically:

Our Seasonal Accents 10" Designer Cut-Outs includes Shamrock cut-outs that are perfect for adding a bit of luck to your classroom during St. Patrick's Day! 

Our 3D Pop! Months of the Year is a great way to customize your calendar bulletin board with a St. Patrick's theme as well!

2. Rainbow Doodles

What's more perfect for the rainbow-themed holiday than decorating your classroom with our Rainbow Doodles Collection? Check out some of our favorite pieces below!

Doodly Rainbows Bulletin Board

The Doodly Rainbows Bulletin Board is a perfect set to bring color and motivational phrases into your classroom.

Rainbow Doodles 4-Poster Pack

The motivational messages on the posters in this Rainbow Doodles 4-Poster Convenience Kit will inspire students of all ages. Great for display in a school, church, daycare, or anywhere a little inspiration is needed.

Rainbow Doodles Welcome Banner

Create your own rainbow everyday with our double sided Rainbow Doodle Banner.

3. More Rainbow Decor

Our Rainbow Doodles Collection isn't the only rainbow decor we have! If you're looking for something colorful that's less pastel to better match your current decor, check out some of our other rainbow items, like our Core Decor Colorful Doodle Pencils EZ Border and Core Decor Rainbow Buffalo Check EZ Border above, and our two other borders below:


Core Decor Doodle Crayons EZ Border


 Pom Dots EZ Border

4. Mystical Magical Collection

Looking for even MORE rainbows? Check out our Mystical Magical Collection for rainbow color schemes and magical imagery that's perfect for a mystical holiday like St. Patty's!

5. Reading Rainbow

We can't offer you LeVar Burton, but we do have the perfect book for St. Patrick's Day: In the Sky, a book from our Learn to Read series. In it, a young girl discovers the things she can see in the sky—the moon, the stars, the sun, the clouds, the rain, and a rainbow. Read this book as a class to start off your St. Patrick's Day festivities and fit a little literacy learning into your day!

6. Colorful Calendar Days


Surprise your students with a colorful way to mark the month with these Colorful Calendar Days! Or, use them to number desks, tables, and other items around your classroom for an additional splash of color!

7. Mark the Holiday

Make note of the holiday with a special calendar cover-up themed specifically for St. Patrick's Day. Find the perfect one for your classroom in either our Holidays and Special events Calendar Cover-Ups set or our Emoji Fun Holidays and Special Events Cover-Ups set. 

8. Rainbow Sorting Activities

Now that you have some ideas for a rainbow themed classroom, here are some fun themed activities to do with your kids.

Make a Rainbow Sorting and Fine Motor Craft

For this activity, you can use a strip of our Rainbow Paint Chip EZ Border and matching rainbow colored beads. Sort the beads by color, and then have students match the colors by placing the colored bead on the same color on their rainbow sheet. BLOG CREDIT

Add More Fun With Sensory Items!

Use materials such as feathers, pom-poms, buttons, and matching cups in all the rainbow colors to compare hard and soft items. The sort by matching color, size, texture, etc! BLOG CREDIT

9. Rainbow Name Bottles

Make learning the letters of your students names even more memorable for them!  Take alphabet beads, empty water bottles, rice and coloring. Have students mix the different rice into their bottles and add the letters of their names with the alphabet beads, then shake it up and see the colors mix! A good tip is to glue the caps on afterwards so they can't be opened and make a mess. Students will love to see the colors mix and try to find their letter beads within the bottle. BLOG CREDIT

Mix it up: Assign a color to each letter of the alphabet and have your students "spell" their names by placing coordinating colors of rice into their bottle. Have your students compare the different color combinations that result!

10. Rainbow Fruit Salad Grazing Table

St. Patrick's day might not be full of candy gifts like Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean you can't treat your students to something special! Create a snack table of fruits sorted by colors -- get your students' parents involved by assigning each student a color of fruit to bring to class. (i.e. a student assigned the color blue might bring in blueberries.) Your students can help you organize the foods by color, use their fine motor skills to cut them, and then can snack on them throughout your class festivities! 

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