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A Fun Tool for Improving Student Learning in the Classroom

A Fun Tool for Improving Student Learning in the Classroom

Are you looking for a fun way to help your kids’ brains perform their best in the classroom? Movement and music may be the answer, and we can help.


Why Does Movement and Music in the Classroom Work?

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Researchers say that human beings were not designed to sit still for long periods of time. So it is natural for children to feel restless when required to suppress their urge to get up and move around. And while the ability to sit still is a necessary life skill, adding physical activity to the learning routine has been shown to strengthen the parts of the brain that support our ability to think creatively, make decisions, focus on a task, and retrieve key information. Furthermore, such forms of exercise are shown to increase levels of neurochemicals in the body that are associated with emotional well-being, motivation, and positive response to stress.


The Benefits of Music & Movement in the ClassroomMovement & Music Page

Likewise, listening to music releases those same feel-good chemicals that can calm a child’s anxiety, thereby creating a positive learning environment that helps kids maximize their learning potential. When kids are in a good mood, they are better able to focus and more motivated to learn. In addition, music with lyrics is great for reinforcing the development of language skills. Music can also be used purposefully in a classroom to make information easier to remember.


The Best Tool for Incorporating Movement & Music in the Classroom Music & Movement CDs

For these reasons and more, CTP developed Music & Movement in the Classroom, a complete 30-lesson curriculum designed to channel kids’ natural enthusiasm for music and movement into productive learning experiences. The program includes clear step-by-step lesson plans and two music CDs featuring the timeless early learning songs of Greg & Steve. Together, these materials have helped make language arts, social studies, and science fun for countless young children. But after a 30-year run, our Music & Movement in the Classroom for Grades 1-2 is taking its final bows. While supplies last, you can still get your copy of this classic multimedia teaching tool. Order yours today!

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