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Summer Reading

Summer Reading

Looking for a fun and easy way to support summer learning?

On our last blog, which you can read here, we talked about ways to stop the summer slide. The summer slide is a term used to describe the decline of a student's academic skills, which can often happen during a break like summer vacation. One of the ways we talked about avoiding the summer slide is by reading. 

Today we are highlighting some of our most popular book packs and book accessories that will be helpful for students all year round, and especially during the summer break so they can avoid the summer slide!

Reading and Learning on the Go! Is easy with our fun Book Buddy Bags . Fill these bags with goodies such as readers, workbooks or activity pages from your favorite CTP resource booksbookmarksstickers, and other fun learning incentives.  

Book Buddy Bags 

Protect and organize your classroom books and supplies with this versatile clear storage bag! These durable Bold Stripes Book Buddy Bags are a must-have for any classroom! They can be used to store, protect, and organize classroom readers, students' homework or projects, and other materials in the classroom or when students take them home. Each clear plastic bag comes with a sturdy, snap-shut handle for hanging on a classroom storage rack. The full-color design on the front includes a place to write a student's name or to label the bag's contents. These classroom storage bags are also great for organizing supplies in a school supply closet or shared resource area. This Bold Stripes storage features simple bold black and white stripes for a simple and modern look that can be used in any grade classroom.

Looking for leveled readers for PreK - 1st Grade?

Learn to Read Books


The Learn to Read books feature easy-to-read stories, rhymes, and songs that engage students' attention and support their reading development by providing the following elements:

  • High-interest topics for beginning readers
  • Humorous or surprise endings that children love
  • Predictable story lines with repeating text to help early readers develop reading strategies and build confidence
  • Illustrations on every page that match the text to support word identification, boost comprehension, and expand vocabulary
  • Lovable, humorous, and engaging characters that children will connect with and enjoy reading about

Sight Word Readers

These readers are the perfect tool for helping students recognize sight words and providing emergent readers with books they can successfully read on their own. Each book introduces a new sight word within a delightful story. Written by popular children's author Rozanne Lanczak Williams, these fun books are the perfect complement to any emergent reading program! Great for ESL/ELL!

Reading For Fluency

All books in this series include a refrain that provides students with the built-in opportunity to reread the same text. The rhythm, rhyme, repetition, and dialogue provide opportunities for students to voice inflection and expression. The motivating content provides a fun, interactive reading experience that will inspire young readers to want to read and reread these books over and over! 

Health and Safety Books 

Help young learners develop healthy habits, a positive mindset, and social confidence with the stories in the Health and Safety for Kids book series. With the help of loveable characters Cat and Dog, children will learn ways to take care of themselves, stay healthy and fit, handle stressful situations, learn in new ways, feel happy, and be good friends to one another. Story topics will empower children to believe in themselves, practice mindfulness in uncertain times, and stay positive and confident as they choose healthy and safe paths for their lives. Through Cat and Dog's day-to-day experiences, and with a bit of humor thrown in, children will learn practical ways to be healthy, happy, and safe.

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Consider incorporating tools like LUCA AI in your reading activities, which is a reading fluency and proficiency platform that offers an innovative solution to support students' reading skills during the summer break. With its interactive exercises and personalized learning approach, Luca helps students improve their fluency and comprehension, making it an ideal companion for combating the summer slide.


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