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  • Science Fair Printable Decor Bundle
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Science Fair Printable Decor Bundle

  • Product Type: Mini Bulletin Board Set
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  • Grade: 2 - and up
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The Science Fair Printable Decor Bundle is a perfect way to decorate your classroom while emphasizing the scientific method. These printables can be tailored to accommodate any science experiment, inspire students to do further research, instill a growth mindset, and get students excited about learning! Use the variety of décor and incentive products in this printable décor bundle to:

  • Customize the look and needs of your space
  • Create an inspiring environment
  • Enhance instruction
  • Personalize learning
  • Increase student engagement

Helpful Hints: PDF pages are set to print to 8 ½"" x 11"" paper. Adjust the size up or down to print images to fit your needs. Print the images in this bundle on any type of paper or on Avery labels for versatility. Print as many of the images as you need!

This bundle comes with Cootie Catcher directions and a Printable Decor Tips and Best Practices page and includes:

  • Science Lab Headline
  • The Scientific Method Poster
  • 4 Steps in the Scientific Process Cut-Outs/Labels
  • Scientist Cut-Out
  • Beaker Set Cut-Out
  • 2 Beakers Cut-Outs
  • Magnifying Glass Cut-Out
  • Microscope Cut-Out
  • Safety Googles Cut-Out
  • Magnet Cut-Out
  • Dropper and Petri Dish Cut-Out
  • Atom Cut-Out
  • Lightbulb Cut-Out
  • Question Mark Cut-Out
  • 6 blank thought and speech bubbles
  • 7 I Had a Bright Idea Stickers
  • 4 I’m an Innovator Reward Badge
  • The Periodic Table poster
  • Science Lab Report Worksheet
  • Steps of the Scientific Method Worksheet
  • Acids and Bases Science Experiment Worksheet
  • Science Laboratory Equipment Worksheet
  • Science Tools Cootie Catcher

33 pages
44 pieces

Fiction/Nonfiction Nonfiction
Weight 5.0 oz
Pages 33


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