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Postcards from Barney Bear

  • Product Type: Reader
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  • ISBN: 978-1-59198-287-6
  • Grade: K - 1
  • Guided Reading Level: C
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Turn Readers into Writers!

Good for use as mentor text!
Written by popular children's author Rozanne Lanczak Williams, each book in this delightful collection introduces a different form of writing. These engaging tales use fun-loving characters to motivate and encourage young readers to want to write on their own. At the end of each book, a "Your Turn to Write" page provides entertaining activities designed to build K-2 writing skills. Children simply follow the example of characters in the story to create posters, journal entries, stories, friendly letters, and more! Great for ESL/ELL!

Postcards from Barney Bear emphasizes the writing postcards writing concept.

Fiction: This book is a fiction book.

Praise for Postcards from Barney Bear
"My name is Christie P. I am a first grade teacher in Columbia, Kentucky. In writing, we are focusing on writing postcards. I borrowed this lesson from a co-worker [from CTP 6227 Learn to Write Resource Guide.] My students love it! I have created the take-home project using Barney, a backpack, and a class book. We will start his journey tomorrow! We will finish our project by writing real postcards to family and/or friends and mailing them. This is a very engaging lesson that I am sure my students will never forget! I plan on purchasing your Learn to Write book set and resource guide the next time I go shopping. Thank you for creating such fun, hands-on projects! Happy Trails to Barney!" –Mrs. Christie P., Columbia, Kentucky

Author Rozanne Lanczak Williams
Fiction/Nonfiction Nonfiction
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Pages 8


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