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  • Learn to Write Gr. 1-2 Variety Pack Set 2
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Learn to Write Gr. 1-2 Variety Pack Set 2

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  • Grade: 1 - 2
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Turn Readers into Writers!

Good for use as mentor text!
Written by popular children's author Rozanne Lanczak Williams, each book in this delightful collection introduces a different form of writing. These engaging tales use fun-loving characters to motivate and encourage young readers to want to write on their own. At the end of each book, a "Your Turn to Write" page provides entertaining activities designed to build K-2 writing skills. Children simply follow the example of characters in the story to create posters, journal entries, stories, friendly letters, and more! Great for ESL/ELL!

Includes one of each of:
6186: Two Stories, Two Friends emphasizes the friendly notes/cards writing concept
6187: Cat Can't Write emphasizes the generating ideas writing concept
6188: When You Go Walking emphasizes the note taking using the five senses writing concept
6189: The Author with the Fancy Purple Pen emphasizes the what good writers do writing concept
6190: Lost Puppy, Found Puppy emphasizes the informational writing – posters writing concept
6191: Cat's Fairy Tale emphasizes the beginning, middle, end writing concept
6192: Little Monster Becomes an Author emphasizes the writing process writing concept
6193: Room 9 Writes a Report emphasizes the informational writing – reports writing concept
6194: Emily Santos, Star of the Week emphasizes the friendly letter – voice writing concept
6195: Fairy Tale Mail emphasizes the friendly letter – point of view writing concept
6196: Special Memories emphasizes the personal journal/scrapbook writing concept
6197: Captain Jack's Journal emphasizes the travel journal writing concept.

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