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Cat and Dog Have Fun with Science

  • Product Type: Reader
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  • ISBN: 978-1-68310-277-9
  • Grade: 1 - 2
  • Guided Reading Level: G
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What happened to the ice? What happened to the lollipops? What happend to the cookies? Find out about properties and states of matter in this science-based story.
16 pages

Fiction: This is a fiction book.

About Learn to Read Books
The Learn to Read books feature easy-to-read stories, rhymes, and songs that engage students’ attention and support their reading development by providing the following elements:

  • High-interest topics for beginning readers
  • Humorous or surprise endings that children love
  • Predictable story lines with repeating text to help early readers develop reading strategies and build confidence
  • Illustrations on every page that match the text to support word identification, boost comprehension, and expand vocabulary
  • Lovable, humorous, and engaging characters that children will connect with and enjoy reading about

Based on Academic Content and Developmental Skills
Learn to Read books are tied to content subject areas to help reinforce critical standards-based skills. The inside front and inside back covers of each book feature:

  • An overview of the phonics skills, sight words, vocabulary words, literacy concepts, and other learning skills introduced in each book
  • Discussion questions to promote vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and connection with text.
  • Extension activities to foster a deeper understanding and interest in the material.

Books That Children Love to Read!
We repeatedly hear from teachers and parents all over the world about how much their students LOVE the Learn to Read books and how the books get children hooked into learning how to read. This popular and time-tested series has sold more than 20 million copies, helping both children who are just beginning their reading journey and those who are struggling to gain literacy skills.

About the Learn to Read Authors
The Learn to Read book series was created by a team of veteran teachers and reading experts. Their extensive first-hand experience with teaching children how to read, along with their in-depth knowledge of literacy research and child development, has helped create a highly effective, engaging beginning reading series.

Science Concepts

Sight Words


Vocabulary Words

Related Learning Skills

  • Properties of matter: appearance, taste, and state (solid, liquid, gas)
  • States of water can be changed by cooling or applying heat
  • Some substances dissolve in water to form solutions
  • and
  • have
  • with
  • put
  • a
  • of
  • in
  • the
  • that
  • was
  • took
  • out
  • what
  • to
  • now
  • his
  • again
  • play(ed)
  • gone
  • day
  • then
  • some
  • this
  • so
  • another
  • next
  • more
  • all
  • were
  • while
  • know(s)
  • too
  • Consonant  digraph /qu/ as in liquid
  • Sound of /c/ as in iceand science
  • science
  • observed
  • liquid
  • solid
  • evaporated
  • gas
  • dissolved
    Author Rozanne Lanczak Williams
    Fiction/Nonfiction Nonfiction
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