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  • Awards and Rewards Printable Decor Bundle
SKU: 10830-DP

Awards and Rewards Printable Decor Bundle

  • Product Type: Mini Bulletin Board Set
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  • Grade: K - and up
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The Awards and Rewards Printable Decor Bundle is a perfect way to encourage and recognize students for their achievements. This bundle can be used as part of your classroom management routine to help students stay focused on meeting a goal or desired behavior. Motivate kids as they complete tasks, demonstrate a positive attitude, follow directions, and make smart choices.

Use the variety of décor and incentive products in this printable décor bundle to:

  • Customize the look and needs of your space
  • Create an inspiring environment
  • Enhance instruction
  • Personalize learning
  • Increase student engagement

Helpful Hints: PDF pages are set to print to 8 ½"" x 11"" paper. Adjust the size up or down to print images to fit your needs. Print as many or as few of the images needed using any type of paper or on Avery labels for versatility.

This bundle comes with Cootie Catcher directions and a Printable Decor Tips and Best Practices page and includes:

  • 2 Student Incentive Charts
  • Large Incentive Chart
  • 4 Read! Incentive Cards/Bookmarks
  • 3 Behavior Reward Punch Cards
  • 3 Behavior Reward Game Cards
  • 3 Positive Behavior Notes Home Cards
  • 12 Incentive Tickets
  • Well Done! Award
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • 20 Positive Rewards Stickers
  • 2 Fortune Finder Cootie Catchers

14 pages
52 pieces

Fiction/Nonfiction Nonfiction
Weight 5.0 oz
Pages 14


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