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Student Rewards

Farm Friends Rewards Stickers

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Out of Stock until 01/31/2020
Reward students with these Farm Friends Rewards Stickers. Inspirational and punny sayings, such as "Cool," "Great Job," "Spot on!," "Ewe Rock," "Wow!," and "Awesome," are paired with charming farm animals to create motivating reward stickers that will make students feel proud of their efforts. Approximately 1" X 1" 60 stickers per pack Acid-free

Farm Friends Hot Spots Stickers

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Out of Stock until 01/31/2020
Charming Farm Friends Hot Spots Stickers are a fun way to encourage and reward students for their efforts. Students will love the cute farm animal faces of a pig, cow, horse, and sheep in this set. The nature-inspired designs are perfect for a variety of classroom themes, including the farm, nature, outdoors, science, and animals. Use with our classroom incentive...

Palm Paradise Monstera Leaves Hot Spots Stickers

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Out of Stock until 01/31/2020
Calming green Monstera Leaves Hot Spots Stickers will reward students for their "unbe-leaf-able" efforts and accomplishments.  Use the mini stickers with our classroom incentive charts and individual student incentive charts.  The green leaves are great for classroom themes such as tropical island, jungle, rain forest, and plants. 880 stickers per package Approximately ½"

Palm Paradise Rewards Stickers

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Out of Stock until 01/31/2020
Recognize students for outstanding work, good behavior, and a positive attitude with these fun Palm Paradise Rewards Stickers. The bright colors and positive sayings will encourage students to produce "sweet work" and "top notch" behavior all year long.  Set features images of monstera leaves, flamingos, and pineapples! Approximately 1" x 1" 60 stickers per pack Acid-free

Pop It! Super Star Reader Bookmarks

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Go bright, go bold, go 3-D to celebrate star readers!  The 3-D folded design of this Pop It!! Super Star Reader Bookmark literally jumps off the page.  These eye-catching bookmarks are fun to use as classroom incentives and rewards for students of any age. They are perfect to hand out to students for their achievements in reading programs, for read-a-thon...