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  • What's Your Mindset? Motivational Bookmarks
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What's Your Mindset? Motivational Bookmarks

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The positive phrases on these What's Your Mindset? Motivational Quotes Bookmarks are a great way to inspire students to work hard and never give up. These bookmarks feature colorful designs and are perfect to use as classroom incentives, to support growth mindset lessons, or to use as giveaways to students of all ages. The inspirational messages on these will help students think positively about themselves, build self-confidence, and develop a growth mindset. Send a positive message about learning with fun bookmarks!

Bookmark 1: It's not, “I can't;" it's “I can!"
Bookmark 2: My brain is like a muscle. When I exercise it, it gets stronger

  • 30 bookmarks per package
  • 15 each of 2 designs
  • Bookmark is approx. 2 ½" x 7"

About Growth Mindset: A mindset is a perception people hold about themselves. People can have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. With a fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities are fixed traits that cannot be improved upon. “I’m just not that smart" or “I’m just not a fast runner." With a growth mindset, people believe that their basic qualities can be developed through dedication and hard work. “If I try hard, I can become smarter," or faster or stronger, etc.

A growth mindset fosters a love of learning and a resilience that sees failures as opportunities for growth. In addition, students with a growth mindset think more positively about themselves, maintain a can-do attitude, and possess the self-confidence to take on new challenges. These bookmarks feature motivational words and positive phrases about having a growth mindset.

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