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Reader Set

Hopscotch Spanish Get Cruising Pack

SKU: 10395
The Hopscotch multicultural nonfiction and narrative stories in Get Cruising capture people and situations that children can relate too. These books engage readers with real-life photos and beautiful illustrations. Children will be excited to read and learn about both familiar and new topics!Written in Spanish.Real-life content, photos, and illustrations that children can relate to. Fiction and nonfiction topics include biographies,...

Life Cycles Variety Pack

SKU: 3083-CK
Bring the Magic of Nature Indoors!Now your students can witness the life cycles of 12 plant and animal species right in the classroom or at home! From the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly, to the life cycle of the Fighting Fish, this series presents the facts with detailed descriptions and brilliantly colorful photos. You'll love Life Cycles, another...

Life Cycles Classroom Pack

SKU: 3084-CK
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Bring the Magic of Nature Indoors!Includes 6 each of the following: 3059 Monarch Butterfly, 3060 Bean, 3061 Sunflower, 3062 Wood Frog, 3063 Ladybug, 3064 Chicken, 3065 Jumping Spider, 3066 Maple Tree, 3067 Green Snake, 3068 Hummingbird, 3069 Horse, and 3070 Fighting Fish.
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