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Pre-K & Kindergarten Collection

Resources for learning pods, homeschooling, classrooms, or any learning environment.

Children in the pre-kindergarten years learn best through hands-on play and fun experiences with language. Through the reading of stories, singing of songs, and exposure to environmental print, children learn the association between letters and words. They learn to recognize letters, to know their names and the sounds they make. PreK math activities include learning numbers, practicing counting, creating and learning shapes, and working with calendars.

Kindergarten carries on where preschool left off. It still includes lots of fun, hands-on play, the reading of stories, singing of songs, and exposure to environmental print. Children develop a stronger knowledge of the association between letters, sounds, and words. In mathematics K activities include developing a strong number sense. In K there are also reading, writing, and math lessons designed to develop the basic academic skills that are key to success in the elementary grades

Phonics A to Z

SKU: 10839
The easy-to-use practice and review pages in Phonics A to Z support the science of reading and are the perfect way to target phonics skills that children need to master to become fluent readers, accurate spellers, and independent writers in the early years of schooling and beyond.Phonics A to Z is designed to help children become proficient with word recognition...

STEAM Learning Activities, Gr. PreK

SKU: 10265
PreK STEAM Playful Learning Activities to Develop Kid Inventors8 ½ x 11184 pagesTurn young learners into kid inventors through engaging, problem-solving STEAM design challenge scenarios that will pique children's curiosity about the world around them and how things work.STEAM lessons are centered around popular early childhood themes and grounded in exploration, discovery, and play. The easy-to-follow lesson format can be...
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