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                Periodically Perfect

                Periodic Motivational Phrases

                SKU: 8605
                $5.50 $10.99
                Clever and colorful, this Periodic Motivational Phrases Mini Bulletin Board features inspiring phrases created out of the symbols of the elements on the periodic table.  Sprinkle the pieces around the classroom for small bits of motivation or post all together on a bulletin board.  Perfect for any learning space, especially learning environments for STEAM, STEM, science, and chemistry. This set...
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                Periodically Perfect Science Banner

                SKU: 8592
                $4.00 $7.99
                Clever and colorful, this Periodically Perfect Banner creates inspiring science phrases out of the symbols of the elements on the periodic table. This science 2-sided banner features different motivational messages on each side—Side 1: "Science Rocks" and "Science Matters." Side 2: "Think Big and Never Give Up." It is perfect for any STEAM/STEM program, as well as any science classroom...
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                Science Lab 6" Designer Cut-Outs

                SKU: 3875
                Add a splash of color and fun to your bulletin boards with Designer Cut-Outs—or use them for patterning, notes, desk tags, or art projects. 6 of each design. 36 per package 6 each of 6 designs Approximately 6" x 6"
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                Gears 6" Designer Cut-Outs

                SKU: 8222
                $4.00 $7.99
                These Gears 6" Cut-Outs include gears in a variety of colors and sizes and are perfect for any science, math, engineering, industrial arts, or technology display. Perfect for desk and cubby tags, classroom labels, STEM/STEAM bulletin board accents, art projects, and more! Great for makerspace, science fair projects (especially for simple machines projects), and STEM classrooms! 36 pieces total 6...
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