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Mini Bulletin Board Set

Painted Palette Numbers 0-30 Mini Bulletin Board, Gr. K-1

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This Numbers 0-30 mini bulletin board features a rainbow of colors in paint chip style making a simple but colorful display. Each number card expresses the number in three different ways: written form, numeral form and 10-frame form. The ombre color accents of these paint chip number cards distinguishes each form of the number. Use these manipulative pieces individually to...

Place Value Mini Bulletin Board, Gr. K-2

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Help students understand the meaning of the base-ten number system, learn different ways to represent and write numbers, and practice composing and decomposing numbers to 999 with this vibrant 21-piece mini bulletin board. Use the place value number slider to create numbers up to 999 for classroom instruction or student activities. Display the reference pieces in a pocket chart, on...

Plane and Solid Shapes Mini Bulletin Board, Gr. K-2

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Introduce students to plane and solid shapes with the 40 pieces in this mini bulletin board set. Perfectly sized for use in a pocket chart or on a bulletin board, the mini posters are ideal for reinforcing important geometry concepts and academic vocabulary. When used in a math learning center, the geometric shapes, cards, and photographic images of real-world objects...