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Daily Printing Practice

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Foster fine motor skills with these handwriting worksheets! Help students improve their handwriting skills with these daily handwriting activities. Research has shown that writing by hand helps strengthen retention of what is being learned. In addition, well-developed fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination can enhance abilities in other disciplines, such as the arts, sports, and music. 120 pages Author: Demetra...

I Can Do It! Printing Practice

SKU: 8737
Upper- and lowercase letters Guided stroke/directional arrows Tips for paper positioning and writing posture Every child can "do it" with CTPs new workbook series. The activites in the I Can Do It! series provide repeated practice to aid mastery with essential skills and academic concepts. Use these books to introduce, reinforce, or extend learning. Perfect for home, school, or on...

Highway Letters, Numbers, and Shapes, eBook

SKU: 2498-EB
**THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT!** Ready-to-Go Cards that Motivate Children to Practice Basic Writing Skills Highway Letters, Numbers, and Shapes will have students learning and they won’t even know it because they’ll be having so much fun! These full-color highway-themed activity cards model the correct steps for forming letters, numbers, and shapes. Whether they use toy cars or their fingers,...

First Grade Essential Skills 5-Book Set

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The hundreds of hands-on activities and engaging practice pages in First Grade Essential Skills book set will strengthen the most important grade-level skills across the curriculum to equip learners for academic success.Perfect for new teachers and homeschool families looking for a solid core of instructional materials. Also great for parents whose children need extra support or a challenge. Math—number sense,...
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