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  • STEM Essentials Pack
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STEM Essentials Pack

  • Product Type: Essentials Pack
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  • ISBN: 978-1-64474-343-0
  • Grade: 6 - AND UP
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Three complementary décor products are available for each middle and upper grade topic. Each product comes in a different format and provides a different content focus. Together, all three products offer a complete package of instructional resources:

  • Poster Set- features core content relevant to one topic
  • Whiteboard Topper- highlights one specific element of the content and focuses on academic vocabulary
  • Giant Banner - content encourages students to engage with the topic by making personal, real-world connections and supports critical thinking.

This STEM Essentials Pack covers these science, technology, and math topics:

  • The Word of Technology—medical, engineering, energy/power, manufacturing, communication, transportation
  • The Scientific Method—question, hypothesize, experiment, observe and record, analyze, communicate results
  • Notable Mathematicians—Albert Einstein, Emmy Noether, Isaac Newton, Hypatia, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Marjorie Lee Browne, Euclid, Maryam Mirzakhani, Pythagoras, Ada Lovelace
  • Explore a Career in Engineering—aerospace, agricultural, architectural, automotive, chemical, civil, communications, computer, electrical, environmental, industrial, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, software
  • The engineering design process: ask, imagine, plan, create, improve, and share

The resources in this set feature vivid, engaging photography alongside easy-to-read text to capture students' attention, reinforce instruction, and foster learning. They help bring content to life and create a stimulating, standards-based classroom environment.

Hang these resources as a reference for students during science lessons or in a science center. Use on a bulletin board, on a doorway, in a hallway, in the library, or anywhere students study.

Perfect for elementary school GATE programs, plus middle school and high school classrooms. Also great for STEM and STEAM programs, makerspaces, and tutoring centers.

Pack contains:

  • CTP 10144 STEM 4-Poster Set
  • CTP 10145 STEM Whiteboard Topper
  • CTP 10146 STEM Giant Banner
  • Each poster measures 17½" x 24" (4 posters included)
  • Whiteboard Topper measures 8' long x 8¾" high when fully assembled
  • Giant Banner measures 22" wide x 68" high (nearly 6') when fully assembled

Poster set also includes an instructional guide with lesson ideas, classroom activities, and a reproducible.

Weight 27.0 oz


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