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Multicultural People 6" Designer Cut-Outs

SKU: 10592
Recognize and celebrate diversity with these Multicultural People 6" Designer Cut-Outs. Featuring the colors of the human family, these people cut-outs are perfect for self-portraits, crafting projects, bulletin board accents, writing prompts, learning center activities, cubby tags, and more! 36 pieces per package 6 each of 6 skin tones

Doodle Pencil 3" Designer Cut-Outs

SKU: 10678
Out of Stock until 06/11/2022
These stubby Doodle Pencil 3" Designer Cut-Outs can be used in student writing projects, writing center games or displays, and on writing-themed bulletin boards. These fun cut-outs are also perfect for the calendar, classroom labels, desk and cubby tags, accents on bulletin boards, designating class groups, student-made books, scrapbooks, gift tags, and more! 36 pieces per package 2"w x 3"h...

Stick Kids 6" Designer Cut-Outs

SKU: 10679
Out of Stock until 07/02/2022
Add a touch of diversity to your learning displays and activities with these Stick Kids 6" Designer Cut-Outs! These cut-outs are perfect for class messages, writing assignments, learning center activities, accenting bulletin boards, and more! Use them to give special recognition for a job well done or to write a positive note to a student or parent. The cut-outs can...
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