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College Life

Bold & Bright Stars 10" Designer Cut-Outs

SKU: 5786
These Star 10" Designer Cut-Outs are a great combination of bright colors and bold patterns. Each large star features a brightly colored center (yellow, green, turquoise, orange, purple, or red) framed by a black and white dotted or striped edging. The large size makes these stars fun to use in a large space such as a hallway, a gymnasium, or...

Cupcakes 10" Jumbo Designer Cut-Outs

SKU: 5938
These versatile jumbo cut-outs are perfect for enhancing bulletin boards, rooms, hallways, and common areas for any birthday celebration! 1 cupcake for each month 12 pieces per package Approximately 10" x 10" Also available as a 6" Designer Cut-Out.

Bold & Bright Striped & Spotted Pencils 10" Designer Cut-Outs

SKU: 6228
$2.10 $6.99
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These large Striped & Spotted Pencils 10" Designer Cut-Outs are a new take on the classic wooden pencil. The bold dots and striped patterns along with the rainbow of bright colors (turquoise, red, yellow, green, blue, and orange) give these versatile cut-outs a modern twist. Each pencil is approximately 9 ½" x 4 ½" 24 per package 4 each of...