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Bulletin Board Sets & Minis

Colors & Shapes Mini Bulletin Board

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Teach color names, shape names, and more with the 50 pieces in this vibrant interactive set. The photographic images of everyday objects help reinforce the understanding of colors in the real world. Use the set’s paint chips for learning activities, for mini color book covers, or to teach the concepts of tints and shades. Use the pieces in a pocket...

Painted Palette Numbers 0-30 Mini Bulletin Board, Gr. K-1

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This Numbers 0-30 mini bulletin board features a rainbow of colors in paint chip style making a simple but colorful display. Each number card expresses the number in three different ways: written form, numeral form and 10-frame form. The ombre color accents of these paint chip number cards distinguishes each form of the number. Use these manipulative pieces individually to...