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  • Itty Bitty Phonics 36-Book Set
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Itty Bitty Phonics 36-Book Set

  • Product Type: Reader Set
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  • ISBN: 978-1-57471-981-9
  • Grade: K - 1
  • Guided Reading Level: A
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This pint-size book makes reading fun and affordable.

Teachers and parents alike will find the clear text and attractive line drawings perfect for beginning readers. Great for Reading First, Phonics, and ESL/ELL! Comes with convenient, Velcro-close carrying case that holds the complete collection of 36 Itty Bitty Phonics Readers.

36 books and storage bag set (3261)

Includes 1 each of the following: What Is in Bear's Box? (3216), I Can Count (3217), Daisy Dances (3218), What Is Funny? (3219), Good-bye! (3220), Hurry Up, Henry (3221), J Is for... (3222), Little Lemon Lollipops (3223), Monkey Made a Mess (3224), No, No, Nicky! (3225), Picnic at the Park (3226), Quiet, Please! (3227), Rock-and-Roll Rabbit (3228), Sally and Sammy (3229), Tick-Tock Time (3230), Vinny's Book of V (3231), What Is the Weather? (3232), Little Zebra (3233), Dan Can Add (3234), Rex and Tex Out West (3235), Little Miss Jill (3236), Dot's Spots (3237), Bud in the Mud (3238), Dan and Dot (3239), Dan and Dot's Rainy Day (3240), Rex and Tex's Creepy Creatures (3241), Bud's Book of Five (3242), Jill's Toad (3243), You Can, Too! (3244), See What We Can Do! (3245), The Story of Stone Stew (3246), Creepy Creatures (3247), Shy Sheep (3248), The Grizzle, Grumpy, Grouchy Grog (3249), Charlie (3250), and The Blob (3251).

  • 36 Read and Color books in a carrying case
  • Subjects covered: consonants, blends/digraphs, short vowels, long vowels
  • ·Clear text and attractive drawings
  • ·Early fluency phonics
  • Perfect for Classroom, Homeschool or any learning setting. 

Books measure 5.5 x 4.4 x 1/16 inches

Not packaged for retail.

Author Rozanne Lanczak Williams
Weight 19.2 oz
Pages 10 pages each