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  • STEAM Learning Activities, Gr. PreK
  • STEAM Learning Activities, Gr. PreK
  • STEAM Learning Activities, Gr. PreK
  • STEAM Learning Activities, Gr. PreK
  • STEAM Learning Activities, Gr. PreK
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STEAM Learning Activities, Gr. PreK

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  • ISBN: 978-1-64474-284-6
  • Grade: PreK
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Playful Learning Activities to Develop Kid Inventors

8 ½ x 11
184 pages

Turn young learners into kid inventors through engaging, problem-solving STEAM design challenge scenarios that will pique children's curiosity about the world around them and how things work.

STEAM lessons are centered around popular early childhood themes and grounded in exploration, discovery, and play. The easy-to-follow lesson format can be adapted to meet the needs of your class.

It's never too early to start children on the path of STEAM experiences where science, technology, engineering, art and math work together to make learning fun!

PreK STEAM lessons promote:

  • Integration of early learning foundational skills
  • Learning across various disciplines
  • Collaboration in problem solving
  • Critical and reflective thinking

PreK STEAM lessons include:

  • Suggested timeframe
  • Purpose of STEAM challenge
  • Skill development overview
  • Materials list
  • Essential vocabulary
  • Read-aloud/literacy connections
  • Music connections
  • Center activities
  • Snack ideas
  • Reproducible activity pages
  • Helpful planning page
  • Home-to-school connection ideas

Suggested Timeframe
An approximate total time for completing the lesson is provided to allow teachers to spread out instruction of the course of a school day or week according to their schedules.

STEAM Challenge Purpose
Outlines objectives and expectations for what students should learn by completing the lesson.

Skill Development
A description of the concepts students need to understand to complete the STEAM challenge successfully. Activity ideas are provided to help build and activate prior knowledge and promote engagement.

Materials List
Materials are meant to be easy to find, inexpensive to purchase, recycled or commonly available for free.

Essential Vocabulary
Target vocabulary to support and enhance the lesson content and deepen students' understanding of the STEAM challenge. Tips on reviewing vocabulary and bridging the concept of more difficult vocabulary words with words students are more familiar with are provided.

Literacy and Music Connections
Read-aloud and music connection suggestions are provided to enhance the experience, teach content, and make learning more memorable.

Center Activities
Ideas for follow-up extension activities related to the STEAM challenge that help build, develop, and practice content skills important for preschoolers to master prior to entering Kindergarten.

Snack Ideas
Tied to the STEAM challenge topic and a fun way to emphasize some of the content introduced in the lesson.

Reproducible Activity Pages
Provided for each lesson as additional instructional support to the content areas.

Helpful Planning Page
List what to do, to prep and to copy to be ready for instruction. Sections to record goals for the lesson or individual students and notes related to the lesson or changes for future lessons are also provided.

Home-School Connection
Activities and ideas that facilitate communication of the content being taught have been provided to strengthen the home-school connection.

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