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4th Grade Collection

Resources for learning pods, homeschooling, classrooms, or any learning environment.

As upper-grade students, fourth grade readers are expected to not only comprehend grade-level reading material but to think more deeply about what they are reading—to analyze a book’s underlying messages, to speculate on a character’s motivation, and to consider how the content relates to their own experiences.

 In mathematics, fourth graders are working to develop their understanding and fluency in solving multi-digit multiplication and division problems. They are also working more with fractions, learning about equivalent fractions, how to add and subtract fractions, and how to multiply fractions by whole numbers. And they are learning to categorize geometric figures according to their properties, such as having parallel sides, perpendicular sides, particular angle measures, and symmetry. 

I Can Do It! Multiplication Bundle

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Facts practice Multiplication strategies Single and multi-digit multiplication Every child can "do it" with CTPs new workbook series. The activites in the I Can Do It! series provide repeated practice to aid mastery with essential skills and academic concepts. Use these books to introduce, reinforce, or extend learning. Perfect for home, school, or on the go, the I Can Do...
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Grammar Minutes, Gr. 4

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One Hundred Minutes to Better Basic Skills Now there's a way for students to practice their grammar skills, enhance their overall grammar proficiency, and have fun at the same time! Grammar Minutes, Gr. 4 provides students with practice in the following key areas of fourth-grade grammar: sentence structure capital letters nouns verbs pronouns adjectives adverbs subjects/predicates prefixes suffixes abbreviations/punctuation prepositions...

Advantage Test Prep, Gr. 4, eBook

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**THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT!**The Advantage Test Prep Series helps prepare students to perform better on tests by familiarizing them with test formats, question types, and content. Each Test Prep workbook provides instruction in the four key areas tested nationwide-reading, writing, language, and mathematics. The formats, reading passages, and questions are all modeled after national standardized and proficiency tests. With...