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3rd Grade Collection

Resources for learning pods, homeschooling, classrooms, or any learning environment.

In third grade, students begin making the important transition from learning to read to reading to learn. It is therefore essential that students master these basic skills—decoding words, reading text fluently, and comprehending what they read—so that they are ready to move on to more complex skills, such as analyzing a text, thinking more deeply about what they read, and being able to discuss the main ideas.

In math, the focus is on developing an understanding of the concepts behind multiplication and division. Working with objects can help students grasp the idea of combining and separating groups of objects represented by these mathematical operations. They then need to memorize their multiplication and division facts. Students also begin to develop an understanding of fractions, the area of two-dimensional objects.

Conquering Phonics Fantastic Tips

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Created by teachers for parents and teachers, this helpful Conquering Phonics Fantastic Fan incudes a wealth of information, strategies, tips, and tricks in a handy "fan" format!  Appropriate for grades PreK-2, this must-have resource breaks down phonics and early reading concepts to make the content easier to teach and understand!  Perfect for enhancing learning and boosting reading proficiency!  Keep this...
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