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What should my 5th grade child be learning?

What should my 5th grade child be learning?

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In what is often considered the last year of elementary school, fifth graders are solidifying the skills that will be their foundation for academic success in middle school and beyond. Readers are expected to form ideas about what they read and to support them by citing details from the text. 

In mathematics, students are developing their fluency with adding and subtracting fractions as well as their understanding of multiplying and dividing fractions. They expand their division skills to include dividing by two-digit numbers and develop and understanding of operations with decimals to the hundredths place.

What should your child be learning?

  • Reading comprehension
  • Drawing logical inferences from texts
  • Identifying conflict, climax, and resolution
  • Evaluating a speaker's point of view
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Writing a multi-paragraph composition
  • Expressing ideas by writing different types of essays
  • Using valid reasoning and relevant information
  • Drawing evidence to support analysis and reflection
  • Adapting speech to a variety of context
  • Building research skills
  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Acquiring a range of academic and domain-specific words and phrases
  • Figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings
  • Greek and Latin roots 
  • Real-world math problems
  • Multi-digit multiplication
  • Long division with remainders
  • Mastering common factors and multiples
  • Improper fractions and mixed numbers
  • Determining simple ratios and percentages
  • Comparing decimals, fractions, and percentages
  • Converting units of measurement
  • Interpreting and creating graphs and charts
  • Geometric concepts
  • Basic algebraic functions
  • Probability 
  • Data analysis
  • Multi-step word problems

 Here is a highlight of some products, workbooks, and book series that are perfect for 5th grade students:

1. I Can Do It! Multiplication

  • Every child can "do it" with CTPs new workbook series. The activities in the I Can Do It! series provide repeated practice to aid mastery with essential skills and academic concepts. Use these books to introduce, reinforce, or extend learning. Perfect for home, school, or on the go, the I Can Do It! workbooks provide smart skill practice that makes learning fun and leads to academic success!

I Can Do It! Multiplication workbook

2. Mastering Multiplication Fantastic Tips

  • Created by teachers for parents and teachers, this helpful Mastering Multiplication Fantastic Fan includes a wealth of information, strategies, tips, and tricks in a handy "fan" format! This must-have resource will unlock the secrets of multiplication, making it easier to teach and learn! Keep this fan handy in a homework area at home or teacher supply area in a classroom for easy access.

Mastering Multiplication Fantastic Tips

3. Power Practice: Pre-Algebra Grade 5-8

  • Each book in the Power Practice series contains over 100 ready-to-use activity pages to provide students with skill practice. The fun activities can be used to supplement and enhance what you are teaching in your classroom. Give an activity page to students as independent class work, or send the pages home as homework to reinforce skills taught in class. An answer key is provided for quick reference.

Power Practice: Pre-Algebra workbook

4. Daily Reading Comprehension Workbook, Grade 5

  • Designed for teachers with parents in mind, this workbook is perfect for the classroom and for home! It promotes student confidence, learning, and success and offers the ideal supplement to enhance or enrich any curriculum.

Daily reading comprehension grade 5

5. Maps: The World, Gr. 4-6

  • Encourage students to begin to see the historical stories behind the maps. If they spend enough time with the maps and activity sheets, they will better retain the names and locations of the places they read about or hear about in the news. Conveniently, the skills covered in Maps: The World will also transfer well to a standardized-testing situation.

Maps: The World

And you can enjoy a FREE DOWNLOAD of activity pages from Advantage Grammar, Grade 5.

The Advantage Grammar series for grades 3-8 offers instruction and practice in key writing skills, including:

  • grammar and usage
  • capitalization and punctuation
  • spelling
  • writing good sentences
  • writing good paragraphs
  • editing your work

This book also offers strong skill instruction:

  • The teaching component at the top of each lesson provides the support students need to work through the book independently

advantage grammar

Also, click here to check out your State Standards!

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