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Top Classroom Decorating Themes of 2024 - Jungle Friends

Top Classroom Decorating Themes of 2024 - Jungle Friends

Jungle Friends Collection offers vivid colors, and an classroom atmosphere that encourages adventure with happy animals and plant greenery. Jungle Friends designs are great for engaging young students. Our new Jungle Friends collection offers a plethora of decor products to help organize your classroom in friendly, welcoming designs.

Bulletin Boards


Jungle Friends Bulletin Board 

This bulletin board provides everything you need for welcoming students on a year of learning adventures! Featuring friendly jungle animals, leafy foliage, vibrant flowers, and motivational reminders, this bulletin board set is the perfect accent for use in an early childhood classroom. Use it to complement several displays and themes: nature, science, exploration, outdoors, animals, jungle, and more! 


Jungle Friends Calendar Set Bulletin Board

This colorful calendar set includes storybook favorite jungle-dwelling animals, like tigers, sloths, elephants, monkeys, and parrots, along with monthly accents to keep your calendar display fresh throughout the school year. Removable calendar pieces allow you to teach calendar concepts like the months of the year and days of the week, and note changing seasons and daily weather conditions. 


Jungle Friends Class Jobs Mini Bulletin Board

Class jobs are wildly useful! Build a classroom community where everyone does takes ownership and does their part to keep the classroom space organized! This class jobs mini bulletin board builds a cohesive learning environment and features bright colors, luscious plants, and adorable jungle animals. This simple class job display set is perfect for helping students develop pride and ownership in their classroom space. Customize the display to include all the important roles that make a classroom run smoothly while promoting responsibility and interdependence. 

Awards & Rewards

Jungle Friends Happy Birthday Awards

Birthday celebrations are a breeze with these cute awards featuring our colorful Jungle Friends. Printed on sturdy paper stock to last, young learners will be able to enjoy these awards for years to come.

Jungle Friends Reward Stickers 

There's nothing more delightful for a child than receiving a fun sticker! Reward students with these Jungle Friends Rewards Stickers for everything from excellent grades to good behavior. Sticker sayings, such as “Well Done,” “Way to Go!,” and “Bravo,” will inspire young learners and build pride in their work and actions. Paired with depictions of friendly jungle animals, students will want to collect each fun design!

Designer Cut-Outs & Calendar Days

Jungle Friends 6" Designer Cut-Outs

Make messages stand out with the Jungle Friends 6” Designer Cut-Outs. Each cut-out features an adorable jungle animal—tiger, elephant, monkey, crocodile, parrot, or sloth—and a blank space for customizing messages. Perfect for class bulletin boards, writing assignments, learning center activities, messages, labels, and more! 

EZ Borders

Jungle Friends EZ Border

The friendly animals on our Jungle Friends EZ Border make any bulletin board or display more adorable! Featuring 7 jungle animal favorites, including: elephant, sloth, tiger, otter, monkey, crocodile, and parrot. With a lush greenery for a backdrop, this EZ Border is the perfect complement to other décor in our Jungle Friends Collection. Like all of our EZ Borders, the Jungle Friends EZ Border comes in smaller strips, making it easier to manage and store. 

Jungle Friends Messy Tracks EZ Border

The vibrant and colorful animal tracks on this Messy Tracks EZ Border adds a splash of fun to any bulletin board display. This bright pattern is great paired with any Décor from our Jungle Friends Collection and many of our other design themes, including those from our new Star Bright and Core Decor on Wood collections. EZ Borders come in smaller strips, making them easier to manage and store. 

Jungle Friends Tiger Stripes EZ Border

Animal print is in! Add a stylish touch to your displays and bulletin boards with our Tiger Stripes EZ Border. The vertical black stripes on an orange background are an eye-catching way to trim your classroom and compliment other products in our Jungle Friends Collection. Like all our EZ Borders, this EZ Border comes in smaller strips, which are easier to manage and store.

Jungle Friends Blush Leopard EZ Border

Our Blush Leopard EZ Border adds a splash of style to any bulletin board and classroom display. Chic and colorful, the Blush Leopard pattern is a fantastic way to add a subtle touch of color and style to every learning space. EZ Borders come in smaller strips, providing easier management and storage. 



Jungle Friends Welcome Banner

This 2-sided banner offers versatility in your classroom decor! Featuring fun jungle animals and two different messages—Side 1: “Welcome” and Side 2: “You matter,” “You are kind,” “You are helpful,” and “You are smart.” Use the "Welcome" side during back-to-school events to greet students and parents, then flip the banner over to provide your classroom with daily affirmations the rest of the school year. 


Jungle Friends Name Plates

The fun jungle animals on these Jungle Friends Name Plates are a great way to personalize student desks, cubbies, chairs, take-home bags, classroom cabinets, folders, and more! 

Enjoy This Free Download

In the midst of decorating your classroom with your new theme, be sure to use these handy bin labels to help organize your space! Download them for free here


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