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Top Classroom Decorating Themes for 2023 - Krafty Pop!

Top Classroom Decorating Themes for 2023 - Krafty Pop!

If you love the look of creatively handcrafted décor but don’t have the time to do it yourself, our new Krafty Pop Collection is the perfect solution! This collection features fun and colorful designs on a kraft-style background.  And in this blog, we will showcase these versatile products, which are great for livening up bulletin boards, classrooms, hallways, common areas, and more. 


A Classroom Space for Goal Getters!

Krafty Pop! Calendar Set Bulletin Board Bundle

CTP's Krafty Pop Calendar Set is a vibrant and fun addition to any classroom bulletin where students are, or are learning to become calendar literate. This calendar bundle not only encourages students to learn time management skills, but also includes coordinating month and holiday cards and 4 motivational mini posters to help students mark progress and reach their goals! 


Promote Kindness and Positivity in the Classroom

 Krafty Pop! Classroom Essentials Chart Pack

This Krafty Pop Classroom Essentials Chart Pack offers exactly that: four charts that cover some of the most important needs for your classroom -- a welcome chart, birthday chart, class rules chart, and an incentive chart. Each chart can help shape the structure of classroom behavior and encourage your students to act more kindly and less impulsively.


Create a Space Where Every Child Feels Welcome

Krafty Pop! Welcome Banner

This banner is not only a great way to welcome students to your classroom, it's also a versatile piece of decor that can provide colorful motivation year-round. CTP's Krafty Pop Welcome Banner offers 2-sided messaging, so you can switch up your decor throughout the year. On side 1: "Welcome" (as seen in the image above) and on side 2: "Make today the day to learn something new." 


Make Classroom Tasks Stand Out

Krafty Pop! Colorful Kraft Cards Designer Cut-Outs 6"

CTP's circular Colorful Kraft Cards 6" Designer Cut-Outs are an incredibly versatile piece of decor. From labeling organizers to creating custom bulletin board and wall signs, these kraft-style cut-outs with colorful accents are the perfect way to brighten your classroom while aiding your lesson plans. 


It's All About the Small Details... Decorate Tables and More with Borders  

Krafty Pop! Colorful Kraft Jumbo Scallops EZ Border

With CTP's Colorful Kraft Jumbo Scallops EZ Border, any bulletin board, room, table, desk, or hallway can be dressed up with bright, beautiful colors! And with our EZ Border design, decorating has never been easier. Add coordinating touches of color throughout your classroom to create a space that's uniquely yours and your students. 


Plant Some Seeds and Create a Classroom Garden

Krafty Pop! Colorful Kraft Bubbles Labels

Make organizing and categorizing more fun with these Colorful Kraft Bubbles Labels. They work for every occasion imaginable: name tags, storage labels, and even classroom parties and experiments! Use them to label paper cups and plant seedlings that your students can observe and care for. 


Mix and Match Your Krafty Pop! with Our Free Core Decor Downloadable Flag Labels

Core Decor Flag Labels

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