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Tips for Back to School Night!

Tips for Back to School Night!

Back to School Night is a fun and exciting tradition for teachers to meet parents, build their new classroom community, and discuss all the fun plans for the school year ahead. With this upcoming school year, we wanted to provide some tips to make your Back to School Night a success!

Get input from the families

  • When you get your class list and contact information for students and their parents, reach out to them with a start of the year survey. Allow them the chance to share their questions and concerns they have for the upcoming year

Decorate your students' desks 

  • Use our name plates to write down students names and place on their desk so parents can easily find where they are supposed to sit

    Don't wait for Back to School Night to meet the families

    • Consider taking initiative and schedule one-on-one meetings during the first week of the school year. The sooner students and their families have an opportunity to establish a relationship with you, the better. They don't need all the back to school information in this first meeting, but just a short video or phone call to introduce yourself and meet the students and families is a great start. 

    Share information early, but not too much to overwhelm

    • There is so much information to cover this year, so the sooner you start to give out that information the better. But make sure to not overwhelm students and their families with too much at one time. Save yourself some stress by getting as much information out ahead of time, that way you can focus on key information when you're together.

    Focus on building relationships

    • Once you gather everyone together, you will probably be anxious to get down to business. But try to slow things down and give everyone a chance to meet each other. Try to have everyone do a quick introduction if possible. Once introductions are complete, try to get interactive with the families. Parents are eager to see what the school year will look like!

    Focus on key points and provide time for follow-up questions

    • It's important to leave room for a Q&A at the end of your back to school meeting. Hopefully parents will have reviewed any documents you sent them beforehand, so they are prepared to ask any questions about what they read in the details. Of course no matter how much time you leave for a Q&A, parents will always have more questions to ask you. Consider offering a variety of options for them to ask additional questions like making yourself available via email and/or phone. 

    At the end of the day, just know you are doing your very best! We hope these tips help make your Back-to-School Night a huge success!

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