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Taylor Swift Eras-Inspired Border Combinations

Taylor Swift Eras-Inspired Border Combinations

Looking for out-of-the-box theme ideas for your classroom? What could be more fun than creating a classroom space inspired by the most talked about tour of the decade? We've put together some border ideas inspired by Taylor Swift's ten iconic albums that we think match the vibe of each "era" of her music! Check out each combination below; we hope they will inspire you to create a classroom space that is as fun, creative, and personal - just like Taylor Swift's music!

Taylor Swift

Album Photo: BIG MACHINE

Taylor Swift's self-titled debut album was sweet, young country at its finest, and on the Eras Tour graphics, the album has been designated with a green color. We thought pairing our Lime Green Bold Stripes EZ Border with our Royal Blue Stylish Scallops and neutrals like Charcoal Stylish Scallops and Rustic Wood was the perfect way to emphasize the innocence and evergreen vibes the album and its cover give us. 



Fearless, Taylor's second album, was bright and energetic, feelings that we think are captured best by the color designated to it on the Eras Tour graphics: orange. We decided to pair our Orange Stylish Scallops EZ Border with a Yellow Bold Stripes EZ Border and our Diversity Rainbow EZ Border to really capture the look and feel of this album. 

Speak Now


Speak Now is full of romantic fantasy and fairytale, which is represented by the purple color designation it was given on the Eras Tour. For our interpretation of this, we dug into the CTP vault to find two now-retired borders that we still love: Purple Scallops and Magical Mystical, which we paired with our Blush Stylish Scallops EZ Border and our Pink Stylish Scallops EZ Border.



Red, arguably Taylor Swift's most iconic album, is also the most obvious color designation as well. To represent this fun, bright album in the classroom, we paired our Poppy Red Bold Stripes EZ Border with our Krafty Pop! Kraft Chevron EZ Border and our Krafty Pop! Colorful Kraft Stars on Strings EZ Border



1989 represents a departure from Country into total pop music for Taylor, and to match it's bright, pop-y feel, it's been designated as a light blue color on the Eras tour. We took our own spin with this, finding some pairings that really gave us that bright, 80's fun-loving color and pattern matching feel by putting our Royal Blue Stylish Scallops EZ Border with our Colorful Messy Dots EZ Border, and pairing our Doodly Blooms EZ Border with our Black Half-dots EZ Border and our Turquoise Bold Stripes EZ Borders


Album Photo: MERT & MARCUS

Reputation was a departure from the happy, bright, and colorful music we'd seen in Taylor's albums up to this point, and to illustrate that, the album (and the borders we chose for it!) is in black and white. To really capture the rebellious spirit of this album, we took it a step further, pattern mixing our Buffalo Checks EZ Border with our Core Decor Loop-de-Loop on Black EZ Border, and quadruple stacking our other border pairing! Have you ever seen four borders layered together? Now you have! We paired our Chalk It Up! Chalk Stars with our Charcoal Stylish Scallops, Black Stripes, and our Black Stylish Scallops EZ Borders for that extra iconic look and feel. 



Lover is a romantic album, and as such, is assigned the color pink. We wanted to embrace the cotton candy colors of the album with our Springtime Blooms EZ Border and our Colorful Hearts EZ Border. We paired each with our Pink Stylish Scallops EZ Border and Blush Stylish Scallops EZ Border



Folklore, the first of Taylor's albums to debut after the pandemic, captures the moodiness of lockdown and covid. As such, the album color is gray and showcases a forest that feels mysterious. We thought this was best represented with our Charcoal Stylish Scallops EZ Border and black borders like our Black Stylish Scallops EZ Border and our Black Half-dots EZ Border and small splashes of color, like Lime Green Bold Stripes and our Orange Stylish Scallops EZ Border



Evermore, the sister album to Folklore, is a bit more colorful and hopeful. It still gives us big forest-y vibes, so we chose some earth tones, like our Rustic Wood EZ Border and our Leaf Garland Border, and paired them with our Black Half-dots EZ border, Orange Stylish Scallops, and Diversity Rainbow EZ Borders



Midnights, Taylor's most recent album, is a dark indigo/blue, just like the sky at midnight. We wanted to capture this light night vibe by pairing our Chalk It Up! Chalk Stars EZ Border with our Charcoal Stylish Scallops EZ Border and our Black Stylish Scallops and Royal Blue Stylish Scallops EZ Borders

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