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Summer Skills Practice for 3rd-5th Grade

Summer Skills Practice for 3rd-5th Grade

We are continuing our summer skills practice for those students in 3rd grade through 5th grade! We have the perfect resources for students to get some extra practice in this summer.

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In third grade, students learn to master these basic skills - decoding words, reading text fluently, and comprehending what they read - so that they are ready to move on to more complex skills, such as analyzing a text, thinking more deeply about what they read, and being able to discuss the main ideas. In math, the focus is on developing an understanding of the concepts behind multiplication and division. Working with objects can help students understand the idea of combining and separating groups of objects represented by these mathematical operations. Students also begin to develop an understanding of fractions, the area of two-dimensional objects.

3rd Grade

Daily Math Workbook, Grade 3

Designed for teachers with parents in mind, this workbook is perfect for the classroom and for home! It promotes student confidence, learning, and success and offers the ideal supplement to enhance or enrich any curriculum. This must-have math workbook includes manageable activities that reinforce essential skills and concepts, meets standards and cover curriculum efficiently and effectively, and provides a consistent clear approach.

4th Grade

As upper-grade students, fourth grade students are expected to not only comprehend grade-level reading material but to think more deeply about what they are reading - to analyze a book's underlying messages, to speculate on a character's motivation, and to consider how the content relates to their own experiences. In math, fourth graders are working to develop their understanding and fluency in solving multi-digit multiplication and division problems. They are also working more with fractions, learning about equivalent fractions, how to add and subtract fractions, and how to multiply fractions by whole numbers. And they are learning to categorize geometric figures according to their properties, such as having parallel sides, perpendicular sides, particular angle measures, and symmetry. 

Grammar Minutes, Gr. 4

Now there's a way for students to practice their grammar skills, enhance their overall grammar proficiency, and have fun at the same time! This unique format offers students an ongoing opportunity to improve their own grammar proficiency in a manageable, nonthreatening manner. The quick time format, combines with instant feedback, makes this a challenging and motivational assignment students will look forward to each day. Students become active learners as they apply grammar skills to a variety of question formats in key areas of fourth-grade instruction.

5th Grade

Power Practice: Pre-Algebra Grade 5-8

Each book in the Power Practice series contain over 100 ready-to-use activity pages to provide students with skill practice. The fun activities can be used to supplement and enhance what you are teaching in your classroom. Give an activity page to students as independent class work, or send the pages home as homework to reinforce skills taught in class. An answer key is provided for quick reference.

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