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Spring Ideas! Working With Sunny Blooms

Spring Ideas! Working With Sunny Blooms

Enjoy spring with your class and use it to help teach about manners with this cross curricular lesson.

The Garden of Good Manners bulletin board kit will set the stage.  Create a display for your classroom lesson by setting up only the background of the bulletin board by using the headers and grass pieces.  Save the flowers and additional pieces for later in your lesson!

Start the lesson with a discussion of what makes plants grow.  Discussion should include soil (nutrients), sun, air, and water.

Science Extension Activity:

Use the accent pieces from CTP10229 “Sunny Blooms”.  Have students work in pairs to create stick puppets with the accent pieces.  Children can retell about the needs of a plant using the flower, sun, and rain drops.  Have them create their own soil and an action for air.

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