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Spanish Language Day! Spanish Classroom Resources

Spanish Language Day! Spanish Classroom Resources

Every year on April 23rd, Spanish Language Day honors the second most spoken language in the world. It's not only a great day for Spanish teachers to celebrate, but also a great excuse to introduce Spanish resources into any classroom environment.

Today we will highlight some great resources for educators who are looking for Spanish classroom décor, books, and more!

Learn to Read Spanish books have been written to provide ample support for readers while expanding vocabulary, building fluency, and developing knowledge across the curriculum. Students will delight in the repetitive language, predictable story lines, and colorful illustrations while reinforcing their reading comprehension. Carefully leveled, they are a complement to any beginning reading program. Build self-confidence and instill the love of reading in your students with Learn to Read Spanish books.

The Hopscotch multicultural nonfiction and narrative stories capture people and situations that children can relate to. These books engage readers with real-life photos and beautiful illustrations. Children will be excited to read and learn about both familiar and new topics!

Written in Spanish.
Real-life content, photos, and illustrations that children can relate to. Fiction and nonfiction topics include biographies, myths, legends, sports, cultural celebrations, and more!

See all our Hopscotch book packs here.

Don't forget to Reward students for a job well done with our Spanish Reward Stickers

It's easy to add some Spanish all around your school with our Spanish posters, charts and calendars.


Mantenerse Sano (Staying Healthy) 5-Poster Convenience Pack  of Posters.


  • Prevenga la propagación de gérmenes (Prevent Spreading Germs)
  • Manténgase sano. Lave sus manos. (Stay healthy. Wash your hands.)

    • Propague bondad no gérmenes (Spread kindness not germs)

  • Alternativas al apretón de manos (Alternatives to handshakes)

    • Juntos mejor (Better together)

    Bold & Bright Spanish Calendar Set Bulletin Board/Juego de Calendario (Calendar)

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