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A Closer Look at Sight Word Readers

A Closer Look at Sight Word Readers

Author Rozanne Lanczak Williams talks about her Sight Word Reader series.

Sight Word Readers is one of my most popular series. I feel confident that these books can add valuable support to any reading and writing program.

Happy reading! 

Sight words are those words beginning readers should instantly recognize. These high-frequency words compose up to 75% (!) of the words that children encounter in text and use in their own writing. Current research supports practicing sight words in isolation, but more powerfully in the context of phrases, short sentences and lots of reading and rereading of familiar texts and books. (Great resource: The Fluent Reader by Timothy V. Rasinski)


Each of the 24 books in the series:

  • introduces a new sight word or words. For easy reference, a grid appears on the inside back cover, along with an extension activity in all Level 1 books.
  • showcases a fun, easy-to-read story featuring repeated, predictable text and matching illustrations.

Author Tip #1

Since the series introduces and reviews sight words in a sequential pattern, number the front cover of the books with Avery Dots. (or just "small round dot stickers" if we can't use avery)

Author Tip #2

Introduce new sight words and phrases before reading, I like to attach the new sight word(s) on the front cover, and the repeated sight word phrase on the back cover of each book, using clear packing tape.

Author Tip #3

Highlight the new sight word or phrase on the pages of the book. Fun pointers also add to the reading experience by keeping beginning readers focused on the text.

Here is Luca, not yet 5, so excited, confident, and proud to be reading! I love his pointing and reading with expression. Luca us on the road to becoming a fluent reader!

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