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Valentine's Day Activities for the Classroom

Valentine's Day Activities for the Classroom

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and teacher are looking for ways to celebrate that are simple and fun and do not involve sugar!

Here are some of our favorite  classroom Valentine’s Day activities that will make the day a positive one for every student!

This Valentine's Day Printable Decor Bundle is a perfect way to brighten your classroom for the holiday while spreading love and kindness. Use the variety of décor and incentive products in this printable décor bundle to:

  • Customize the look and needs of your space
  • Create an inspiring environment
  • Enhance instruction
  • Personalize learning
  • Increase student engagement

This set has everything you need to get your party started. Kids will love the Cootie Catchers, Stickers, Décor included in this set


An annual card exchange is always a fun time! It's a great way for students to practice writing, and while this is a great tradition, it can get complicated! Get it wrong, and it maybe social-emotional nightmare for kids who are left out of Valentine card exchanges. Here is a way to get all the kids involved.

Write notes of kindness

Valentine's Day is all about love and one way for students to show this is with notes of kindness. Put all your students' names in a jar and have them pick one and they can write what they like about the person and exchange notes. Afterwards you can display the notes on a bulletin board! Obviously paper can work for this activity but another fun option could be to use cut-outs. Our chalk hearts 6" designer cut-outs would be perfect for this!


Read a Valentine's Day themed book

Reading a Valentine's Day book may seem simple, but this is the perfect holiday to celebrate a love of reading. We have our holidays book pack that includes our Celebrating Valentine's Day book, which is the perfect book to read with students and celebrate the holiday.

Make a heart collage

Have students gather materials with different textures and form hearts of different sizes. They can glue them to paper for a fun independent activity, or you can divide students into groups so they can learn to work together. Post the hearts on a door or bulletin board with our doodle hearts EZ border, and have a HEARTy party!

Set up a candy heart estimation jar

Candy hearts are always a popular treat for Valentine's Day! For this activity, you can get a jar and fill them with candy hearts and then have students write down their guesses for how many are in the jar. Whoever is closest can win a portion of the jar, or the whole jar if you are feeling generous! You can also use this as a way to teach math for older students by providing tips or strategies on how to come up with an estimate.

Craft up some Valen-slime!

Take the ooey-gooey romantic side of Valentine's Day and make it gooey in a different way! Have students make their slime and you can even provide small mason jars or containers for them to take their slime home with them. The ingredients you would need for the slime is 1 bottle of elmer's glitter glue (pink or red), 1/4 cup of water, 1/2 tsp baking soda, and 1 1/2 tbsp of contact lens solution. You can also add pink or red glitter for an extra sparkle! And if you do decide to have them take home the jars/containers, you can add these llama stickers for students to make them festive.

We hope your students love these ideas as much as we do!

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