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What should my PreK-K child be learning?

What should my PreK-K child be learning?

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Children in the pre-kindergarten years learn best through hands-on play and fun experiences with language. Through the reading of stories, singing of songs, and exposure to environmental print, children learn the association between letters and words. They learn to recognize letters, to know their names and the learning numbers, practicing counting, creating and learning shapes, and working with calendars. 

Kindergarten carries on where preschool left off. It still includes lots of fun, hands-on play and music, but there are also reading, writing, and math lessons designed to develop the basic academic skills that are key to success in the elementary grades. 


What should your child be learning?

  • Alphabet skills
  • Letter recognition/identification
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Number sense and counting
  • Basic shapes and colors
  • Patterns
  • Sequencing 
  • Opposites
  • Matching
  • Visual discrimination
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Fine motor development
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Following directions


What should your child be learning?

  • Concepts about print 
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Letter-sound relationships
  • Sight word recognition
  • Rhyming
  • Short and long vowels
  • Word families
  • Printing practice
  • Spelling
  • Beginning reading and writing skills
  • Number recognition and sequencing 
  • Number and color words
  • Counting and one-to-one correspondence
  • Skip counting
  • Shape recognition
  • Patterns 
  • Sorting by various attributes: color, shape, size
  • Comparing
  • Sequencing
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Concept of more and less
  • Concept of time and seasons
  • Simple addition and subtraction

Here is a highlight of some products, workbooks, and book series that are perfect for PreK-K students: 

1. Fantastic Tips

  •  Created by teachers for parents and teachers, this helpful Fantastic Tips fan includes a wealth of information, strategies, tips, and tricks in a handy "fan" format! This must-have resource features 6 topics: Managing Your Feelings, Early Math Made Simple, Substitute Teaching Made Easy, Conquering Phonics, Word Choice, and Mastering Multiplication.

fantastic tips

2. Cheer Along with Dr. Jean

  •  Includes 63 cheers and attention grabbers. Energize, motivate, and engage children with the fun cheers packed in this resource from Dr. Jean. Included are cheers to begin and end the day, transition between activities, grab students' attention, help students feel good, and celebrate special occasions. The songs and chants in this book provide a natural way to develop students' oral language and auditory memory. Photos and text offer step-by-step directions for cheer movements. 

cheer along with Dr. Jean

3. Cut & Paste

  •  Designed specifically for small-group instruction, our Cut & Paste book series takes an active learning approach, providing students with multiple hands-on opportunities to develop an array of essential early literacy skills.

cut and paste ABCs

4. I Can Do It! Workbooks

  •  Every child can "do it" with CTPs new workbook series. The activities in the I Can Do It! series provide repeated practice to aid mastery with essential skills and academic concepts. Use these books to introduce, reinforce, or extend learning. Perfect for home, school, or on the go, the I Can Do It! workbooks provide smart skill practice that makes learning fun and leads to academic success!

I can do It! workbook preschool skills

5. Character Education Readers

  •  Help put an end to bullying and violence by focusing on and teaching positive peer interaction. These motivational readers allow you to double your instructional time by teaching children important character-building values while promoting practice with their reading skills. Great for reading first, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension.

character education readers following the rules


Enjoy a FREE DOWNLOAD of our Build-a-Skill series: Color, Shape, and Number Words eBook! This book features color, shape and number words in fun and easy-to-make instant books. Children will develop fine motor skills and practice following directions as they cut, fold, and staple the reproducible pages together to make flip books, step books, mini books, and more! As children read and reread their instant books, they will strengthen their decoding skills and increase their sight word vocabulary.

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