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Periodically Perfect!

Periodically Perfect!

Did you know that 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements?  The United Nations has designated this year, as it is also the 150th anniversary of the discovery.  This year is to commemorate the important roll this discovery has had on modern science.  At the time of the discovery of the system, by scientist Dmitri Mendeleev, there were 69 known elements.  As of this year, there are 118, with four of those added as recently as 2016!  In honor of this celebration, and the addition of the new elements, not only did we create two new Periodic Charts, but we created a fun little set of items taking inspiration from the elements!!  Here is a look at our new Periodically Perfect set!

We added some extra fun in this room with the new Colorful Doodle Dots borders that come in both black and white backgrounds. The colors pair perfectly with the Periodically Perfect products as well as the STEM/STEAM Bulletin Board Set that is also featured in this space.

The new Periodic Table Charts come in two different options for older and younger grade-levels.  These colorfully illustrated and up-to-date versions of the periodic table of the elements provides a great introduction to the building blocks of matter. The charts displays all 118 known elements, including the four recently added elements: nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganesson. The tables are color-coded into 10 common element families to aid students in recognizing elements with similar characteristics. The charts include basic facts about each element: atomic number, element symbol, element name, and (where available) atomic weight. On the younger grade chart, for most of the elements, the chart also includes pictures that support understanding of the elements and how they are connected to the real world.

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IKEA: Blue Bins, White Cubes, Coffee Cup

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