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Organization for the New Year!

Organization for the New Year!

As we head into the new year, most of us have new goals and resolutions we hope to accomplish. One of those goals, especially for teachers, is to become more organized in the classroom. There are so many ways to achieve organization in the classroom, and we want to highlight just a few of our favorites. As we start off 2021, let's start off on a good note with an organized space!

In this Core Decor set up, we have 3 bins to help with organizing important paperwork for students. One bin is set up for assignments students can do when they complete their regular work. The other bin is set up for extra copies of assignments in case students misplaced their original copy and need another. And the last bin is for work students missed while absent. All of these printouts can be downloaded on our website so you can organize your classroom bins for your students!

Organization can also be something as simple as setting up students with their own folder on their desk. Nothing says "unorganized" like loose paperwork. This will help students keep all their loose paperwork together and also prevent papers and clutter from finding its way into your classroom. Also, you can make them more fun with a design on the folders, or a cut-out on top. It's a win win for everybody!

Not only are hat boxes great for decorating, they can also be for organization! Store miscellaneous items in these boxes to clear up space in the classroom and get rid of clutter. They also look great with borders wrapped around them, and you can change them out with your theme or holiday decor!

When it comes to organization, there is always the good old fashioned way of shelves and cubbies! You can't go wrong with this style of organization and cubbies can fit so many things. These can also be decorated to go with whatever style or theme you have in your space, like with jumbo farm friends.

The shelves and cubbies organization also works great for storing books in reading corners! We also love this book shelf with the 3 rows for books on top and then more storage below. This one shown above is from home goods, but any type of storage for books and reading corners is great. We also took the shelving unit that can stand tall (like in the previous photo) or can lay it on it's side (like shown in the photo above). This style is great for reading corners because it provides storage and also allows students to sit on top while they read.

Accessories such as wooden drawers are perfect for storing smaller items like paper clips, pens, notepads, etc. We used our loop-de-loop cut-outs on the outside and this way smaller items can also be organized and easily accessible when needed.

We hope you find these tips useful if you are looking to organize your space!

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