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Oh Ship it! Top 10 Products Teachers Need But Forget to Buy

Oh Ship it! Top 10 Products Teachers Need But Forget to Buy

Every back to school season we speak to frantic teachers and homeschool parents that forgot to buy something they need for the back to school season, but don't have time to run to the store to grab it. Oh SHIP it...

Here are the top 10 products that educators need, but forget to buy every year.

1.LOTS and LOTS of Stickers


Kids LOVE stickers and teachers know it. A bright FLAMAZING Flamingo sticker is sure to get a smile. That is why Stickers are the #1 item teachers ask us to ship in September...

2. Awards

Rewarding students for a job well done is a great way to motivate them. Some classes are filled with super stars and others need more motivation.... either way we have you covered... 

3. Name Plates

Nameplates are a great way to customize student desks and make all the children in the class feel special! Don't forget to get extras for new students that enter the class mid-year (Or the first week LOL)

4. Book Buddy Bags

Book Buddy Bags are perfect for organizing student take home bags, care packages and so much more. These cute on the go bags are a teacher must have.

5. Cut-Outs and Labels

Every teacher needs to organize their teaching tools. Label Bins, Book Cases and so much more with cut out accents and adhesive labels. 

6. Birthday Bulletin Board Sets 

Celebrating birthdays in the classroom is a great way to make students feel special. Creating a dedicated space for these celebrations is easy with birthday charts and bulletin board sets.

7. Seasonal Decor

The Dress For The Weather Bulletin Board set is a teacher favorite, but as the season change borders need updating and accents need to be swapped out. Its easy to pop in some Orange and Pumpkin EZ Borders to give your space a fun Fall look.


Or add some doodle hearts that the kids will LOVE.

With a Core Décor black and white foundation, it's easy to layer seasonal décor with ease. Don't forget to change up your messages with our punch out letters. 

8. Door Décor 

While the front door of a classroom is often decorated with welcome banners, room numbers and teacher names, the back of the door is forgotten space.. Use borders, banners and more to create fun back of the door décor. Frame it with borders, add punch out letters and cut out accents to match your theme or add a chart or poster. 


Keep bookmarks in the reading corner to reward and motivate students to read more.

10. Substitute Teaching Made Easy Fantastic Tips

Always be prepared for an emergency with a substitute teacher pack, Include items like this helpful substitute teacher guide from our FANtastic tips collection or a  Create a Substitute Teacher Organizer.

Enjoy a FREE DOWNLOAD of our bin signs to help organize your classroom! 



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Don't worry, you can still SHOP LOCAL and support your local teacher supply store and still get a stress free delivery option. Many local stores have shipping or pick up options so check out our store locator for a local store near you.


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