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Kindergarten Decor and Books

Kindergarten Decor and Books

April 21st is National Kindergarten Day. Are you a parent looking for a special thank you for your child's Kindergarten teacher? OR are you a teacher or parent looking for Kindergarten and early childhood learning resources? 

Kindergarten learning includes lots of fun, hands-on play, the reading of stories, singing of songs, and exposure to environmental print. Children develop a stronger knowledge of the association between letters, sounds, and words. In mathematics K activities include developing a strong number sense. In K there are also reading, writing, and math lessons designed to develop the basic academic skills that are key to success in the elementary grades. 

We have a ton of early education learning resources for children, teachers, and parents. Today we will share a few teacher and homeschool educator favorites for Kindergarten.

Cut and Paste Letters and Sight Words 2-Book Set

Help beginning readers develop early literacy skills and master over 100 sight words with the hands-on activities in this Cut and Paste Letters and Sight Words 2-Book Set.

These books take an active learning approach in which students color, cut, paste, and write to practice essential literacy skills:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Phonics
  • Letter recognition
  • Letter formation/printing
  • Small motor development
  • Vocabulary development
  • Sight word recognition
  • Sentence structure
  • Vocabulary development
  • Higher level comprehension skills

STEAM Design Challenges Resource Book, Gr. K

The STEAM Design Challenges in this book follow engineering practices to teach students in Kindergarten to solve a problem by designing, creating, and justifying their designs. They also allow art to support and enhance the learning of science and math while the engineering process is followed.

If you want to create a bright colored learning space that your students will love check out these fun classroom themes.

I Can Do It! Kindergarten Activities Pack

Every child can "do it" with CTPs workbook series. The activities in the I Can Do It! Series provide repeated practice to aid mastery with essential skills and academic concepts. Use these books to introduce, reinforce, or extend learning. The skills practice 5-book set helps children develop letter and number knowledge, build phonemic awareness skills, and strengthen knowledge of basic math concepts.

Learn to Read Language Arts Content Pack

The Learn to Read books feature easy-to-read stories, rhymes, and songs that engage students’ attention and support their reading development by providing the following elements:

  • High-interest topics for beginning readers
  • Humorous or surprise endings that children love
  • Predictable story lines with repeating text to help early readers develop reading strategies and build confidence
  • Illustrations on every page that match the text to support word identification, boost comprehension, and expand vocabulary
  • Lovable, humorous, and engaging characters that children will connect with and enjoy reading about

Learn to Read books are tied to content subject areas to help reinforce critical standards-based skills. The inside front and inside back covers of each book feature:

  • An overview of the phonics skills, sight words, vocabulary words, literacy concepts, and other learning skills introduced in each book
  • Discussion questions to promote vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and connection with text.
  • Extension activities to foster a deeper understanding and interest in the material.

Creating a fun and inviting learning space for Kindergarten is key and here are some favorites themes for Kindergarten Classrooms.

Woodland Friends

Bring the outdoors in with our Woodland Friends collection! Our Woodland Friends have been a teacher favorite since they were first introduced a few years ago. With all of their adorable faces, vibrant colors, and playful personalities, it is no surprise this classroom theme is still a hit with students, teachers and parents! The newest pieces from Woodland Friends include jumbo sized animals, a fun woodland setting, and the already best selling READ Bulletin Board.


Farm Friends

Put your student in the MOO'd to learn with the Farm Friends theme.

Busy Bees

What's the BUZZ in your classroom? Your hive will love this theme!

Stick Kids

Every child can relate to these Stick Kids. Paired with Core Decor and doodles, this will theme will brighten up your classroom and your day!

Want more options? View our Classroom Galleries for more classroom decorating ideas.

Check out this fun FREE DOWNLOAD Activities from the Cut and Paste Sight Word Book! 

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