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Top Classroom and Homeschool Incentives, Rewards and Awards

Top Classroom and Homeschool Incentives, Rewards and Awards

Incentives are a great way to increase student engagement and help to create an inspiring environment.

We have a new Awards and Rewards Printable Decor Bundle that is a perfect way to encourage and recognize students for their achievements. This bundle can be used as part of your classroom or homeschool management routine to help students stay focused on meeting a goal or desired behavior. Motivate kids as they complete tasks, demonstrate a positive attitude, follow directions, and make smart choices.

Use the variety of decor and incentive products in this printable decor bundle to:

  • Customize the look and needs of your space
  • Create an inspiring environment
  • Enhance instruction
  • Personalize learning
  • Increase student engagement

This bundle comes with Cootie Catcher directions and a Printable Decor Tips and Best Practices page and includes:

  • 2 Student Incentive Charts
  • Large Incentive Chart
  • 4 Read! Incentive Cards/Bookmarks
  • 3 Behavior Reward Punch Cards
  • 3 Behavior Reward Game Cards
  • 3 Positive Behavior Notes Home Cards
  • 12 Incentive Tickets
  • Well Done! Award
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • 20 Positive Rewards Stickers
  • 2 Fortune Finder Cootie Catchers

Don't have time to print and want incentives that are ready to go?

We have a ton of fun incentive and awards for students in the classroom or homeschool learning environment!

Emoji Fun Smart Phone Student Incentive Charts

Inspire students in social media style! Students will love these Smart Phone Incentive Charts! Track progress as kids work toward a goal, exhibit good behavior, or complete tasks. Great for use on a reading log, to track homework assignments, and to reinforce daily routines. The bright colors and sweet emoji faces create a design that is warm, friendly, and inspiring.

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3D Pop Star Student Award


Celebrate student achievements in 3D style! Use this bright and bold 3D Pop Star Student Award to recognize students' outstanding behavior, positive attitude, and super effort. The 3-D design of this student award certificate is great for children in a wide range of age or grade levels. Awards are easy to personalize for each student and special occasion. 

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Recognize students for outstanding work, good behavior, and a positive attitude with Rewards Stickers.

Rainbow Doodles Reward Stickers

The bright colors and positive sayings will encourage students to produce "dazzling" work and "brilliant" behavior all year long. Set features images of rainbows and clouds!

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Looking for Digital Reward Stickers? Download our Curated Classroom App to express yourself in fun and creative ways by using the FREE stickers pack! 

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