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Student Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays- Best Student Gifts from Teachers

Student Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays- Best Student Gifts from Teachers

It is the holiday season and teachers are planning some fun holiday festivities this year and are looking for that special student gift that will continue their love for learning over the holiday break. They want a gift that looks the same for everyone and doesn't require a lot of work. We have some great ideas for some gifts to go packed in our famous book buddy bags

In our holiday classroom post we featured a time to give area that is perfect way to display you classroom gifts to go.

We used  book buddy bags filled with student stocking stuffers for kids such as their favorite class books, bookmarks, stickers, and more! 


When it comes to students, we have a ton of gifts and stocking stuffer ideas that they will love. For starters, kids love stickers, and we have a wide range of stickers from our collection that will be a fun gift for students. Here are a few of our popular stickers but check out our entire sticker collection on the website!



Another great gift idea is  books and readers! There is something for everyone in our collection of books. Students can continue their love of reading over the holidays with their new book from their favorite teacher and cherish it forever!




Bookmarks are a great stocking stuffer gift for students! With so many fun designs, there is a bookmark for everyone. Your kiddos will love these bookmarks to use on their favorite books. Shop all our bookmarks on the website here!



Also make sure to download our Curated Classroom App and use the bulletin board generator to plan your holiday bulletin boards, save favorites, find a store and much more! 

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