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New Book Series: Health & Safety for Kids with Cat and Dog

New Book Series: Health & Safety for Kids with Cat and Dog

Cat and Dog are back with a NEW book series...

Health & Safety for Kids

Help young learners develop healthy habits, a positive mindset, and social confidence with the stories in the Health and Safety for Kids book series. With the help of loveable characters Cat and Dog, children will learn ways to take care of themselves, stay healthy and fit, handle stressful situations, learn in new ways, feel happy, and be good friends to one another. Story topics will empower children to believe in themselves, practice mindfulness in uncertain times, and stay positive and confident as they choose healthy and safe paths for their lives. Through Cat and Dog's day-to-day experiences, and with a bit of humor thrown in, children will learn practical ways to be healthy, happy, and safe.


10822 Health and safety for kids 5-book convenience pack

5-book series 

  • 10630 Be a Germ Fighter
  • 10631 Be Healthy
  • 10632 What's Your Mindset?
  • 10633 Safety First!
  • 10634 When the World Stayed Home




    10630 Be a Germ Fighter

    It's book sharing day at school, and Rocky Raccoon shares a book about germs. Rocky only shares a few facts from the book before it's time to go home. That leaves some school friends, especially Cat, feeling anxious. But learning more about germs and how to stay healthy helps everyone feel better.

    Health and safety topics covered in this book:

    • What are germs?
    • How germs make us sick
    • How we can avoid germs
    • The difference between viruses and bacteria
    • Ways we can stay healthy

    10631 Be Healthy

    Cat and Dog are healthy and active. But when it starts to rain, they don't get to go out and play. Rainy day after rainy day, they end up getting into some bad health habits. When Cat catches a cold, Dog comes up with a plan to get back to healthy ways of living. Read to find out how Cat and Dog find ways to stay healthy and fit in spite of bad weather and bad choices.

    Health and safety topics covered in this book:

    • Healthy habits
    • How to avoid illness
    • How to handle illnesses
    • Ways to stay fit and active
    • Healthy eating
    • Daily good health
    • Importance of sleep/rest

    10632 What's Your Mindset?

    Cat, Dog, and all their friends are super excited about an art show in the park. Everyone who participates is invited to a fun party! But as they work on their art, they encounter challenges, feelings of self-doubt, and other stumbling blocks. Read the story and find out how the friends develop new skills and grow more confident, as they complete their artwork.

    Health and safety topics covered in this book:

    • Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset
    • Knowledge and skills can be developed
    • Mistakes are a part of learning
    • Learn and improve with practice
    • Developing resilience
    • Process vs. product
    • Challenges lead to growth
    • Strategies for confronting fears/anxiety

    10633 Safety First!

    Cat, Dog, Mouse, and all their friends find themselves getting careless about following safety rules. At the park, they hear about a fun place called Safety Town, and they all decide to go! They learn and practice safety rules by going on rides, learning songs and rhymes, meeting safety heroes and helpers, and more!

    Health and safety topics covered in this book:

    • Safety at home
    • Bike and road safety
    • Playground safety
    • Fire safety
    • Internet safety
    • Pool and water safety

    10634 When the World Stayed Home

    Cat, Dog, Mouse, and their friends are remembering a difficult time they experienced when the world shut down and they had to learn new ways to stay healthy and safe. They also learned ways to stay in touch, keep on learning, and get the things they needed. The friends also learned to appreciate those who help and care for them. 

    Health and safety topics covered in this book:

    • Understanding and responding to challenging times
    • Adapting to stressful situations
    • Developing resilience and a positive mindset
    • Strategies for avoiding illness
    • Appreciation for essential workers
    • Learning new skills and hobbies 

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