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Get Ready to Celebrate 100th Day with your Class!

Have fun with numbers and integrate the standards by creating a fun filled day with activities based on the number 100. All activities can easily be adjusted to 120 to create a celebration of the 120th Day to meet the standards for additional grades.

Use a 1-100 number poster to create a station to reinforce one-to-one correspondence of numbers with objects. Have a set of counters available for students to place on each number square as the count their way from 1 to 100!

Create a bulletin board display with our 100th (or 120 on the reverse side) to highlight your day. Start with the bulletin board explaining what the day will be about and the fun activities planned. Then transition the board after the event to show off student created work and pictures from the event.

Complete your celebration with each child earning a “Hooray for the 100th Day” badge!

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