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Grow a Garden of Good Manners

Grow a Garden of Good Manners

Get ready for Spring with a Garden of Good Manners!

Plant the seeds of kindness and grow a Garden of Good Manners! This colorful theme is sure to bring sunshine and smiling faces to your kiddos while reminding them to have good manners.

Garden of Good Manners Mini Bulletin Board

Good manners will bloom all over your classroom with the helpful reminders from this brightly colored Garden of Good Manners Mini Bulletin Board. This set highlights good manners for students: Thank You, May I?, Take Turns, I'm Sorry, Excuse Me, You're Welcome, Please, Raise Your Hand, and Help Others. The colorful flowers and garden accents will brighten any space all year long. 

Garden of Good Manners Chart

This Garden of Good Manners chart highlights six good manners for students. This chart also includes good manners activity ideas and a reproducible on the back.


Plant Positive Bulletin Board

The Plant Positive Bulletin Board has a simple and classic look that will brighten any classroom space. The set features classic greenery and plant designs, making it a perfect addition to brighten any space! This 18-piece set contains positive messages including: “Plant Positivity Grow Greatness, “Root for Each Other” and “Where Kindness Grows”

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