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Framing Your Space Is Easy With EZ Borders!

Framing Your Space Is Easy With EZ Borders!

Teachers LOVE borders and we know why! Borders are a fun addition to any bulletin board, desk, door, cubby, pencil holder, cabinets or anywhere your learning space allows!

As you prepare your summer school, home school, or even back-to-school spaces, our EZ Borders are the perfect addition to make any environment a welcoming and motivating place to learn. As a quick and easy decorating hack, we like to layer our borders to mix and match the designs and colors. This adds a more curated, unique look that is all your own and personalized to your specific interests.

Our new EZ border format provides a more convenient smaller strip size, making it easier to manage. They won't flop and fall as you hang them and they take up less storage space! Best of all, each EZ Border pack offers 48 feet per package, enough borders to complete 2 full bulletin boards! 

As inspiration, check out some of our favorite border themes and combinations below!

Star Bright

Our Star Bright Colorful Stars on Black EZ Border brings a touch of fun to any display. Combine it with our Color Dotted Swirl EZ Border for a bright splash of color in your classroom!

Jungle Friends

Our new Jungle Friends Messy Tracks EZ Border puts a colorful spin on the classic messy dots pattern. Pair it with our Core Decor Doodle Swirl EZ Border for a bright and fun combination. 

Core Decor Wood

The new Core Decor Wood is a stylish fusion of black and white elements, gracefully complemented by wood accents, creating a cozy and inviting learning environment. Combine staples like our Black Messy Dots EZ Border with our new Core Decor Black and Wood Scallops EZ Border for a classic look that fits any classroom. 

Core Decor

Our newest Core Decor EZ Borders offer fun, rainbow splashes of color that fit every classroom. Here our Core Decor Doodle Crayons EZ Border is paired with our Chalk It Up! Chalk Stars for an imaginative combination perfect for any display!

This core decor classroom set up features a black and white foundation with a pop of color added. We have our black stripes EZ border, our messy dots on black EZ border, our black stylish scallops EZ border, and our rainbow bold stripes EZ border.

Krafty Pop!

Krafty Pop! EZ Borders

Our new Krafty Pop! collection is fabulous fun! See our Colorful Kraft Jumbo Scallops EZ Border and our Kraft Chevron EZ Border paired here with our Core Decor Messy Dots on Black EZ Border

Chalk It Up!

Chalk It Up! EZ Borders

Our new Chalk It Up! Collection offers an artsy twist to that traditional school room chalkboard look. The black and white detailing of the collection's borders, like the Dotted Scallops EZ Border seen here, pair beautifully with our bright and colorful collections, like this Rainbow Stripes EZ Border from our Rainbow Doodles Collection

Diversity Rainbow & Multicultural Stick Kids

Celebrate diversity and inclusion in the classroom. This bulletin board is trimmed with our diversity rainbow EZ border, with our blush stylish scallops EZ border, and our black scallops EZ border.  We also paired the doodle pencils EZ border with our black messy dots EZ border on the book case and lined the door with our stick kids EZ border.


This Busy Bees classroom is all the buzz! The Busy Bees Bulletin Board features the honeycomb EZ border, along with some of our black and white borders black stripes EZ border, our dotted swirl EZ border, and our black stylish scallops EZ border.  

Woodland Friends

In our woodland friends classroom set up, we feature our classic woodland friends EZ border, our patterned pine trees EZ border, our pennant party EZ border, and our black and white bold stripes EZ border. 

Farm Friends

In this Farm Friends classroom set up, we paired our jumbo farm friends with our cow print EZ border, our on the farm EZ border, and our black stylish scallops EZ border.

Palm Paradise - Monstera

Our Palm Paradise classroom set up was focused on a black and white foundation with added greenery in monstera leaves decor. We featured our monstera leaves EZ border and our tropical leaves EZ border. Along with our black and white borders like our black stripes EZ border, our messy dots on black EZ border, our window pane EZ border, and our rustic wood EZ border. 

Palm Paradise - Flamingo

This Palm Paradise classroom set up features the addition of our flamingos and pineapples, which are a fun tropical touch to any space. We have our flamingos EZ border, monstera leaves EZ border, tropical leaves EZ border, pink stylish scallops EZ border, and our black stripes EZ border.


The look of your Dress For the Weather Bulletin Board can be easily updated for every season with a quick costume change and a border update!

Great ready for Fall with our doodle pumpkins EZ border, and our orange stylish scallops EZ border, and our bold stripes EZ border for a black and white touch. 

Welcome Winter with  our snowflakes EZ border, paired with our waves of teal EZ border, and our ombre turquoise EZ border. 

Enjoy a FREE DOWNLOAD of our Core Decor Flag Labels, which are black and white so they are perfect to add to any bulletin board set up!


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