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Five Ways to Spring Into Spring Decor

Five Ways to Spring Into Spring Decor

March is right around the corner, and with it, the first day of spring and the Easter holiday. Prepare your classroom for the changing season and the upcoming holiday with a few spring-like touches from our collections. Whether you're looking to simply change out some seasonal decor items or revamp your whole space, we've got you covered with these five ways to get into the seasonal spirit!

1. Add Some Floral Scenery with Bright Blooms

You don't need April showers to bring May flowers -- our Bright Blooms collection has all of your classroom floral needs covered. The bright and colorful flower designs add a pop of whimsy and are perfect for spring. Check out some of our favorites below:

Doodly Blooms EZ Border

Quickly update your bulletin boards for a seasonal splash with our Doodly Blooms EZ Border

Doodly Blooms 6" Designer Cut-Outs

Add simple touches of floral to your walls and desks with these cut-outs. They're not only great for decorating your classroom space, but are the perfect practical solution to organizing it, too! Use these cut-outs as labels for drawers, containers, desks, and even on your bulletin boards!

Blooming Minds Bulletin Board Set

Spring is a time to renew, and that makes it the perfect time to reassess your classroom goals with your students. Our Blooming Minds Bulletin Board Set can fast track this with a beautifully decorated goals chart and motivational poster. Add it to your wall or create a new bulletin board theme for spring and get your students refocused on finishing the school year strong!

2. Brighten Your Space With Our Colorful Core Decor

Winter is cozy, but it's also dark! Lean into the growing daylight hours and bright colors of spring by added some more color variety into your own classroom. Colorful touches from our Core Decor Collection are great for this. Check out a few picks below:

Core Decor Colorful Messy Dots EZ Border

The colorful pastel rainbow in this Colorful Messy Dots EZ Border is the perfect touch to any bulletin board transitioning into spring! And with its variety of colors, it blends well with other seasonal and core decor. 

Core Decor Doodle Crayons 6" Designer Cut-Outs

Springtime rainbows don't have to come in just rainbow form! Add some splashes of bright color to your classroom to warm it up after the winter season with these Core Decor Doodle Crayons 6" Designer Cut-Outs. They're perfect for labeling bulletin boards, desks, containers, and so much more!

Core Decor Doodle Crayons EZ Border

 Want some springtime color without needing to take down your other core decor or switch your borders out come summer? Our new Core Decor Doodle Crayons EZ Border is perfect for rejuvenating the look of your classroom for spring without feeling too seasonal. 

3. Shine Bright in Spring With Star Bright  

Revamp your classroom theme and get a head start on next year's decor with our new Star Bright collection. Full of fun, colorful designs, Star Bright decor will add that perfect pop of brightness while blending beautifully with any other core decor you may have. Check out a couple of our favorites from the new collection:

Star Bright Positive Thinking Mini Bulletin Board

Spring marks the start of the final few months of the school year, often a time when student burnout and restlessness starts to kick in. Keep students motivated to learn and improve with our colorful new Star Bright Positive Thinking Mini Bulletin Board

Star Bright Calendar Days

These colorful Star Bright Calendar Days are the perfect touch of color to add to your springtime classroom. While they can be used to mark your calendars, they also make great labels for desks, containers, cubbies, and so much more! 

4. Celebrate Rainy Weather With Rainbow Doodles

The Season of rain has begun! But, while cloudy days and wet roads can seem dreary, without them we'd never get beautiful rainbows! Embrace the beauty of the season with our Rainbow Doodles collection and add some color with the adorable designs below:

Rainbow Skies 3" Designer Cut-Outs

The fun of these Rainbow Skies 3" Designer Cut-Outs is that they are not only practical decor that can be used to label classroom items or bulletin board topics, they also add the perfect spring color palate to your classroom. And with depictions of rain clouds to boot, they're perfect for the spring season. 

Rainbow Doodles Welcome Banner

If you really want to makeover your classroom for spring, a quick and easy way to do so is to add a Rainbow Doodles Welcome Banner to your door or wall! The pastel rainbow is perfect for spring and will brighten up any space. 

Doodly Rainbows Bulletin Board

Brighten up your bulletin board displays with the Doodly Rainbows Bulletin Board. Not only will it add some adorable seasonal colors to your boards, it also includes inspirational messaging that's perfect for encouraging classroom cheer after those gloomy winter months. 

5. Celebrate Growth and Renewal with Positively Plants

With spring comes new plant growth, so why not incorporate that into your students' learning growth in your classroom? Our Positively Plants collection provides encouraging decor and positive messaging that's perfect for the spring season. Take a look at some highlights below:

Plant Positive Bulletin Board

Our Plant Positive Bulletin Board is a fun way to encourage a positive mindset among your students while incorporating springtime garden imagery. For extra fun, use this bulletin board set to launch a project with your students to sprout some seeds and grow their own plants!

Garden of Good Manners Mini Bulletin Board

The last quarter of school means antsy kids looking forward to summer break. Remind them that their behavior and manners matter with the Garden of Good Manners Mini Bulletin Board. This set not only teaches about positive behavior and mindsets, but it also blends well with any other spring decor you might be thinking of incorporating!

Enjoy This Springtime Free Downloadable Decor

A springtime garden wouldn't be complete without some pollinators like butterflies, and neither is your classroom spring decor! Download our 3D Pop Butterflies for free as a fun added touch to your new seasonal decor.  


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