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Financial Literacy for Kids!

Financial Literacy for Kids!

We are excited to introduce our NEW Financial Literacy for Kids book series. It's never too early for children to start on the path to becoming financially responsible and making informed, empowered decisions. 

This 6-book series, written by Rozanne Lanczak Williams, promotes the basics of financial literacy in the context of fun, and easy-to-read stories featuring our pals Cat, Dog, and their friend Mouse. Concepts such as earning, spending, budgeting, giving, and planning are introduced.

In addition to Cat, Dog, and Mouse's hilarious and endearing adventures, each book features a short introduction to the story, a list of financial literacy topics addressed, and an activity page with key words, questions for discussions, and a fun and engaging project to help extend the learning.

Enjoy our new series and help set children on the path to financial success!

1. Cat and Dog Learn to Earn

Cat and Dog want ice cream on a hot day. When they see that their piggy bank is almost empty, they find a way to earn some money.

Financial literacy topics covered in this book:

  • What is money?
  • Why do we need money?
  • The ability to earn money
  • Ways to earn income/money
  • Goods and services
  • Spending money
  • Saving money
  • Important job skills

cat and dog learn to earn

2. Cat and Dog Learn about Needs and Wants

Cat and Dog go to the grocery store. Cat wants to buy comic books, toys, candy, and more! But what are the things they really need? Read to find out how Cat and Dog learn the difference between what they want and what they really need.

Financial literacy topics covered in this book:

  • Needs and wants
  • Strategies for budgeting
  • Making spending decisions
  • Money management
  • Saving

cat and dog learn about needs and wants

3. Cat and Dog Start a Business

Cat and Dog are having a fun summer! After their swim lessons and summer camp are over, they find themselves with some extra time before school starts. At the library one day, Cat finds a great book. Read about how Cat and Dog make a plan and start their own business.

Financial literacy topics covered in this book:

  • Creating a business plan
  • Choose a business
  • Set goals
  • Invest in supplies and help
  • Determine pricing
  • Ways to increase sales
  • Ways to earn income by providing a product or service
  • Important job skills

cat and dog start a business

4. Cat and Dog Learn to Budget

Because it's a rainy day, Cat wants to go shopping and spend all the money that was saved for a rainy day. When Cat learns what saving for a rainy day really means, the two friends learn about budgeting and make a plan for their piggy bank money.

Financial literacy topics covered in this book:

  • Earning money
  • Budgeting
  • Needs and wants
  • Making choices on how to spend money
  • Spending plans for day-to-day expenses
  • Saving for emergency expenses
  • Saving for special things
  • Charitable giving (donating)

cat and dog learn to budget

5. Cat and Dog at the Bank

Cat and Dog's saving jar and piggy bank are overflowing. They decide to find out what a bank is and how the bank can help them with their money.

Financial literacy topics covered in this book:

  • Financial institutions
  • Purpose of banks
  • Banking services
  • Types of bank accounts
  • Deposits and withdrawals

cat and dog at the bank

6. Cat and Dog Plan for the Future

It's Career Day at school. Cat, Dog, and their school friends learn about lots of different jobs and careers. They get ideas for what they might want to be when they grow up! They learn to plan ahead. They learn about colleges and trade schools and how to start saving for the future.

Financial literacy topics covered in this book:

  • Learning about jobs and careers
  • How skills/interests can translate into careers
  • Importance of job skills 
  • Importance of education
  • Planning for future skills and education
  • Options for future education and/or training
  • Setting goals
  • Saving and investing for the future

cat and dog plan for the future

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